Weekly web industry updates – 23rd May to 29th May, 2015

We are back again with some more interesting and important tech industry updates between 23rd May to 29th May. There has been lots of chat about the possible local search result algorithm update by Google and Google Maps Bomb Fix throughout the week. Google has also started supporting iOS apps in app indexing and they have added app search analytic features on last Friday. Update about the Bing app indexing and the rumor about the new spam head of Google, there are lots of stuff happening in this week.

Google added app indexing and search analytic in search console

Google has announced their first update in search console on last Friday. Google has added new search analytic reports in search console. This report will give you detail insights about how a specific search query is performing in organic search for your app. It will also help you know from where and how online searchers are reaching to your app. They have also included Fatch as Google feature for Apps in search console. This feature will let webmasters know how Google renders the specific app or app page. You just need to add app in search console and verify it to get access to all these features.

New ad format for nearby business in Adwords 

Google has announced a new ad format for nearby business searches again on last Friday. Google announced this format for the searches done in [Nearby X] format. For example, if you will search for the ‘Nearby auto repair’, the result will show you the list of nearby auto repairs from your location. It will also show you the directions and click to call button in results to get in touch with that station. Only the ads with location extension enabled will be eligible for this type of add format.

Bing App linking for app content discovery

Bing has started building an index of native app content for better app content discovery on the web. They index the content from all iOS, Android and Windows 10 Apps. Google has been doing this since long time, but for the Android apps only. They have just started indexing content from iOS. Bing has also launched the tool ‘Applinks Markup Tester’ that helps webmasters with app markup. You can also use applink.org to build the native markup for iOS and Android apps.

Who is new head of web spam at Google?

Danny Sullivan has posted that Google has replaced Matt Cutts as a head of web spam team. Matt has been working with the Google spam fighting team for almost 10 years and went on a leave in July last year. Then he extended the leave in October and hasn’t come back in a same role. Google has obviously replaced his position with another unnamed Googler as he/she is not revealing identity. Webmasters have asked Matt about this on Twitter and he replied, “I’m still around. J”. So, we can expect him coming back to Google may be with some other role.

Local ranking change in web and map search

There has been lots of shifts in local keyword ranking in web and mobile search throughout the week. It looks like an algorithm update, but we haven’t got any confirmation about any update from Google. There has been some issue with the Google maps search result. Google has already apologized and fixed the Google Maps Bomb issue. But still many webmasters believe that Google Maps Bomb Fix is the reason for the ranking fluctuations for local keywords in web and maps search.

Google brings app indexing for iOS

Google has been supporting app indexing for Android apps from more than two years, but they were not indexing the content from iOS apps. Google announced on Wednesday, they are bringing app indexing for iOS as well. So now iOS users can access the app content directly from the search results. Google is testing this with a small number of apps for now. They shared the steps to get your iOS app indexed by Google. They have also made another announcement that now you can use goo.gl to shorten the links of app as well.

Apple is the world’s most valuable brand now

Apple has reclaimed their top spot of world’s most valuable brand, according to an annual BrandZ ranking by Millward Brown. Apple has been on top of the list for three years before last year Google took that place. Apple has claimed that position again this year with its brand value of $247 billion compared to Google’s  $174 billion. Apple has launched most anticipated gadget Apple watch and boosted the strong iPhone sales this year. On the other hand Google had not that much of successful campaign with that product Google Glass.

All you need to know from Google I/O’s Keynote

Google I/O is happening and the company is expected to announce lots of new things for all users. If you have missed the opening keynote of Google I/O, here is what you might have missed. Android M developer Preview and a look over the next version of mobile OS most awaited announcement along with the Google Photos App. Android Pay, different Android wears, Google maps and Inbox updates were also important announcements from this year’s Google I/O. There is yet one more day remaining to close the event. We can expect some more exiting declarations from the Google on the final day.

So, this is what has been happening throughout the week so far. We can expect lots more updates in Google I/O. We will keep you updated with the latest trends and updates from web and the tech industry through our blog. I will catch you again next Friday with the some more interesting updates. Till then happy surfing and have a wonderful weekend.

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