KrishaWeb visited USA to explore the business opportunity

The web is an ever-changing industry and being a part of ever changing industry KrishaWeb always tries to cope up with the latest industrial trends. We are a team of passionate tech guys working together to provide the utmost digital experience to our clients. We have been working from our operational office in India so far, but I felt it was just perfect time for us to step up and visit our overseas clients to accelerate the growth of KrishaWeb as a full service digital agency.

The journey started on 18th of April from Los Angeles. I mate couple of very good clients who are more like my best friends. We had a visit of downtown area and had dinner together. We visited Venice beach in LA coast too. It was really awesome beach to have fun there. Our next destination was Las Vegas where I attended one of the biggest Magento events, Imagine Commerce 2015. It was a wonderful experience being with the ecommerce industry experts and brainstormed the technical solutions with them in personal. I have discussed few tricky Magento projects with the clients over there and established new business relationship with them. Wynn is one of the most beautiful hotels and casinos in the world. I have noted down few key moments of the Imagine Commerce 2015 here. This three-day imagine commerce summit was full of information and networking.

Expansion of KrishaWeb in United States was the main purpose of this overseas business trip. I have visited our strategic partners from different cities of USA to discuss and exchange the ideas that can transform our online business to the new level where we can deliver them our expertise for their best. I have visited the clients in San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio, Jackson Ville, Dubuque, Raleigh Durham, Aldie, Washington DC and New York. in three weeks. It was never easy to visit these many places in such a short period of time but this was something that you could expect when you are running behind the time and had lots of jobs to finish. It was wonderful experience meeting the online strategic partners in personal. It helped to better understand the business ideas and methodology of both the agencies. While meeting lots of people in routine, I have also spent some great time thrilling at mountain peak and at the networking meets in cafes with the new friends. They helped me with shopping as well. Following is what our client is saying about the services provided by KrishaWeb.

Mr. David Testimonial

Mr. Jeremy Testimonial

Personal meeting allows you to better understand each other and helps you to create trust and loyalty in business relationship. The final phase of the trip stated when I reached the New York City – the hub of the online business. I have spent some quality time with clients over there absorbing their work ethics and culture. I have also visited near by areas too. Meeting the overseas clients personally was really a learning experience for the whole team KrishaWeb.

It has been a very exciting trip for me. I have met many online strategic partners of KrishaWeb and looking forward to more prolific business relationship in future.

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