Weekly web industry updates – 25th July to 31st July, 2015

The biggest announcement of the week is that Windows 10 operating system is now available for download. Featured with latest software and update Windows 10 tends to be the best Windows OS ever. Yahoo has announced their sound free messaging application “Livetext”. Google is helping webmasters to protect their websites from Hackers attack via #NoHacked campaign. Google AdWords has updated keyword quality score reporting feature and many other updates from the Google AdWords. Let’s have a look over some of the hottest happenings of  web Industry in the past week (25th July to 31st July).

Yahoo announced Its Video Messaging App

Yahoo has recently announced their new Video Messaging App – Livetext. According to the company Livetext is the new way to connect with the people. The most interesting thing about App is that Yahoo has excluded the Audio from the App. Users can chat and send video message to others, but without sound. Initially this app provides the one-to-one communication. Both the users need to agree to become friends on Livetext to start communication.

Google will show the busiest hours of Local Business

Google has introduced a very small but very effective feature to their Mobile search. When you will search in Google for the local business on your portable device, it will show you the busiest hours of that business location. Google spoke person told community that, this new feature will help users to schedule their visits to local stores by avoiding waiting and long lines. Google has informed that they have included “millions” of places and businesses from around the world to show the busy business hours chart.

Google #NoHacked campaign to protect Webmaster from Hackers attack

According to Google they have noticed a 180 % increase in the number of sites getting hacked over the past year. That is the reason why Google is continuing the #NoHacked campaign to educate webmasters about website hacking issues.  Webmasters can follow the #NoHacked on Twitter and Google+ to get the advance tips on website security. Google is also going to share some advance tips and insights on social media with #NoHacked.

Marketers can search Ads in Google Play Store now 

Google has started rolling out Search Ads in Google Play Store from Wednesday. Every advertiser and developer can promote their Apps on Play Store now. Google has also announced that they will roll out “Universal App Campaign” in the next few weeks. It will help marketers manage app advertising campaigns with minimal setup just like AdWords Express. App Promotion ads will be helpful for over 1 billion people across 190 countries using Android devices.

Google updated the AdWords Keyword Quality Score Reporting 

Google has announced on Monday that they are changing the AdWords Keyword Quality Score Reporting. It is just a reporting change that won’t affect the ad serving process or how Google calculate the quality score for a specific keyword. All keywords will be reported with the default quality score 6. And the quality score will get updated later as per the performance of ad and impressions. Google has last updated the AdWords Keyword Score reporting in 2013. It is the only update advertisers have noticed since then.

Moz 2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey

Moz has released their 2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey report on 28th July. More than 3600 search engine marketers have participated in the survey and given valuable insights. According to the survey, almost 49% of the marketers participated in the survey are in-house marketers. 85% search engine marketers are involved in Content Marketing. 91% marketers track the website performance via Google Analytics. Google Alerts and Trends are the top tools for content creation among the community.

Google to remove unverified local business pages

Google has recently updated the guidelines to represent local business on Google Business pages. The company has also warned webmasters, if they will find unverified and idle Google business account, they will remove that listing. Google has started removing the unverified Google Business pages from their index since last 3 days. If you are a local business owner make sure you have verified your business listing. Google may remove the listing if it is idle from long time.

Microsoft launched Windows 10 operating system 

Microsoft has made an important announcement on July 29. The wait for the system upgrade is over for the windows community now. Microsoft has announced the latest version of the windows operating system – Windows 10. The biggest feature of Windows 10 is that all the genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free within a year. Windows 10 is now available for Desktop and Tablet users across the 190 countries.

Facebook testing with LinkedIn style personality tags 

A reader from The Verge has first noticed that Facebook is testing with the LinkedIn style Profile Tags feature. Users can tag a friend with a word that describe his Personality or Interest. User can control and add the tags to show in his public profile. All the tags for any users will be shown as per the number of likes each tag gets. Facebook has also confirmed that they are testing this feature with a small set of users and may roll it publicly very soon.

Google+ is no more required to get other Google service

Google has finally announced and made it clear that users won’t require Google+ profile to access other services offered by Google. Bradley Horowitz has declared on a blog that users will be able to share content, create a YouTube channel, communicate with others and get the access of all other Google services via their Gmail account only in coming months. Google+ profile is no more needed. People who have already created Google+ profiles will be asked to remove their Google+ page if they wish to remove.

Finally decent universal Twitter App for Windows 10 users 

Windows users will have their first third party universal app for Windows 10 in form of Twitter. Twitter has launched the new universal Twitter App for all Windows 10 users. This updated Twitter app featured with the ability to add multiple photos in Tweets, ability to play GIF from Timeline and it also allows users to send photos in direct messages. The company attempts to attract new users via this touch friendly universal App.

Google Visual Instant Translation supports 20 more languages

Google has launched an instant visual translation app earlier this year. Initially this app was supporting English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages. Recently, Google has announced that they are improving the service and started supporting 20 more languages, including Bulgarian, Catalan, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish and Ukrainian etc. It now supports total 37 languages in camera mode. You can also do English to Hindi or Thai one-way translation using it.

You can Ask Google to send messages via WhatsApp or Viber 

Google has announced on their Inside Search blog on 28th July that you can ask Google to send messages via your favorite messaging application now. It is a really interesting feature as all of us spend lots of time within the apps. You don’t need to go through the messaging app and type message from now. You can simply instruct Google by saying “Ok Google” to send WhatsApp Message to one of your friends followed by the Message you want to convey. And Google will do that using your favorite messaging service.

So, these are some of the interesting updates of the week. I will catch you again in the next week with weekly web industry news round up. Till then happy surfing and have a wonderful weekend.

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