Key features of Windows 10 operating system

Microsoft has announced the latest version of the windows operating system – Windows 10. Windows 10 is now available for the community to download for free. The biggest feature of Windows 10 is that all the genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free within a year. Windows 10 is now available for Desktop and Tablet users across the 190 countries. The company has first revealed the Windows 10 back in September and improved the system performance from the feedbacks of five million windows insiders.

Terry Myerson from Windows has informed the community about the vision of the Windows 10 on the official blog. He said, “We wanted to create a Windows that empowered people and organizations to do great things. Our vision was one platform, one store, and one experience that extends across the broadest range of devices from the smallest screens to the largest screens to no screens at all.” Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella has talked with the BBC before the launch and according to him Windows 10 marks a “new era” for personal computing. The company has been releasing a new version of Windows every few years, but Windows 10 tends to be the last launch of this kind. It will gradually update the software for all users. Mr. Nadella said that he is pretty excited about this launch of Windows 10 as it is empowered with lots of new features and updates. Let’s have a look over some of the exceptional new features of Window 10 that make it the unique than the prior releases.

Familiar start menu is back

The company is claiming that Windows 10 is “fast and familiar” as they have brought back the start menu in the system. Very familiar start menu for every Windows user was missing in Windows 8. The company has not only brought back the start menu, but also made it even faster and effective. You can keep the start menu very small or resize it as per your convenience. You can also customize the start menu via live tiles to take a quick glance over your most used apps.

It is the most secure Windows ever

Microsoft has defined Windows 10 as the safest windows system ever because of its enhanced Windows Defender and Smart Screen features. These features help to protect system from viruses, malware and phishing. Smart screen recognizes your face and provides the customized windows experience. “Windows Hello” greets you by your name while you log in to the system. It is a fast, effective, password free and most importantly secured way to log in to the system. As discussed by many windows insiders, Windows 10 is focused to provide personalized computing experience. Windows 10 allows you to input commands through Voice, Pen or different Gestures.

You can ask anything to Cortana

Cortana is making its way to PC through Windows 10 operating system. Now, you can get the clever digital assistance of Cortana on your PC as well. Cortana will access your personal information and intelligence available on internet powered by Bing search engine to deliver you the right information at the right time. It will also help you to manage and find the specific data from your system. You can give commands to Cortana through voice or text. You can also give Cortana commands to set alarms, create reminders, play music or even crack a joke.

Optimized experience via Continuum Mode

Microsoft is trying to please both the desktop and tablet users through Continuum Mode. With the increasing number of 2 in 1 Hybrid devices, Continuum mode makes it comfy to switch between laptop and tablet mode for your device. When Keyboard will be attached to your system, it will provide you desktop experience and when you disconnect the keyboard, it will automatically switched to the tablet view. Continuum mode offers more touch friendly experience by splitting the tiles in tablet mode.

New web browser Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is one of the most important value added features in Windows 10 system. It is a brand new web browser developed to provide faster, smoother and happier browsing experience to the users. It was formally known as “Project Spartan” that will take place of Internet Explorer in Windows 10. You can pin the tabs, take the screenshot, edit those pictures and even directly share those images without switching the screen using Edge Browser. It also provides the smart support of Cortana. Special “Reading View” provides you a better reading experience as well.

Universal Apps along with Xbox App

Windows 10 universal apps provides the seamless experience for more than one windows device users. Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People & Messaging, Mail and Calendar are some of the apps that will provide same look and feel across Windows 10 powered Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Devices. It will also save and sync the data across devices via OneDrive. Microsoft has integrated the Xbox App in Windows 10 to provide exciting Xbox experience to game lovers. You will also be able to play multi-player games across different devices like Xbox One and PC using this Xbox App.

Xbox One and PC using this Xbox App.

There are lots of other interesting features in Windows 10 operating system. For example: Device Compatibility Enhancements, HoloLens, Snap Assist, Improvements in Windows Explorer, Windows App Store, Virtual Desktops, Action Center etc. There is also an option to switch back to Windows 7 or 8.1 if you install windows 10 and don’t like it. Now this is something really interesting. Windows is offering you the flexibility to step down the version of your device operating system.

All genuine Windows users will get a notification alert on their taskbar when the Windows 10 update will be ready to install on their system. Initially Windows 10 is rolled out for the desktop and tablet users only. Mobile users will get it in coming weeks. Have you upgraded to Windows 10? How do you find the new windows experience?

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