Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015

Microsoft has officially launched the latest version of Visual Studio on 20th July 2015 after at least a year of testing. The company has also released the set of various tools along with the VS 2015. This latest version of Visual Studio 2015 is featured with integrated development environment (IDE) and updated .NET framework. Millions of developers use visual studio everyday. Since its launch in November last year, over 5 million users have downloaded the Visual Studio till the date. Let’s have a look over what is new is the latest version of Visual Studio 2015.

Mr.Somasegar (VP of Microsoft) has said to the community that the Developers have been asking for such development tool since long back. The company’s goal is to provide a set of good tools with the best services for non-enterprise users or developers to target any popular platform. A full installation of Visual Studio 2015 enterprise version includes the support for C#, C++, JavaScript, Visual Basics, Java, F#, PowerShell, Python, TypeScript based on Microsoft’s JavaScript and SQL.

The cross-platform compatibility has significantly improved in the latest version of the Visual Studio 2015. Developers can develop different components of Android, Windows or iOS apps using C++. Basic C# version is also improved. VS 2015 is featured with C# version 6. C++ also supports the large part of C++ 11 and C++ 14. Android system is supported in a couple of ways in VS. Native Android Apps can be developed in C++ and Java using Android toolchain in Android SDK. It also contains the integral emulator for Android developers for performance checking. There are also other built-in components to write Windows and iOS apps using CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

Visual Studio 2015 includes many new features and updates like cross platform mobile development for iOS, Windows and Android developers, Universal Windows app development, support for Apache Cordova framework, etc. Surprisingly, Windows 10 universal app platform is not supported in Visual Studio 2015. Though Windows 8 universal app platform is supported in this release, developers have to stick with Visual Studio 2015 release candidate to build the Windows 10 universal apps. It can target both Windows and Android platforms. There is an option to fetch and install the Android SDK while installing the software. Android SDK with the Xamarin libraries provides the ample support for iPads, iPhones and Apple Watch.

Advance debugging and diagnostic system are the key feature of the Visual Studio 2015. Various debugging features are bundled into one single tool in VS 2015. This advance diagnostic system provides the optimum system output and better user experience. Visual Studio offers improved integration with the different services ranging from deployment to monitoring. Advance debugging, code proofing and manual and automated testing are the key components of Visual Studio 2015.

Visual Studio is featured with the tools and services for any size of projects and regardless of complexity of the project. It provides full support to C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, Python, Node.js and HTML/JavaScript. It is featured with future proof advance debugging system and Sprint planning. Visual Studio 2015 contemplates total 23 GB with all third party components included in it. If you will add other local documents, it will consume some more space. You can download the Visual Studio 2015 here. The company has also released the non-subscription version of Visual Studio Professional for $499.

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