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What does make a responsive website, an essential for online business

The most anticipated mobile friendly algorithm is fully rolled out now. It hasn’t affected the search result as webmasters were expecting, but still has a notable impact on mobile search result. While Google is clearly giving preference to the mobile friendly websites, making site responsive is the only option for webmasters. But at the same time it is also important to ask and analyze that does responsive websites really have the positive impact on online business or not? It is the question that every online business holder wants answered by his or her webmasters. I personally highly recommend to have a responsive website for any business and I have enough data to prove my point. But according to recent studies over top 10,000 websites, a shocking result has come out. There are less than 19% websites have the responsive designs and only 12% of top 100 websites are mobile friendly. Some big companies are really missing the opportunity by not having the responsive website. Are you among those who are still providing the tedious user experience for users and making competition tough for yourself? Below are three main reasons you should have a responsive design to get online success.

Responsive design drives more conversions

Nowadays users don’t have the patience to scroll over the traditional dropdown menu or expand the screen to discover the page intent on tiny smart phone screens. They will simply bounce back and give a chance to your competitor website. Having a mobile friendly website reduces the chances of leaving webpage due to bad user experience. Econsultancy has recently reported that more than 62% companies have noticed increase in conversion rate after adopting a responsive website design. Think tank photo an eCommerce retailer for photography accessory has experienced a 188 % increase in online revenue after they switch to mobile friendly design. The figures with State Farm Insurance are also the same. They have noticed 56% of growth in conversion rate after adopting the responsive website design. There are thousands of websites that have benefited the business and gain more revenue just by making the website responsive.

Consumer demands better user experience

Mobile device usage for Internet access has overtaken the desktop and laptops by the end of 2014. According to report by marketing land, 60% of Internet access through mobile. 67% online buyers like to purchase through mobile devices and 74% users say they like to revisit the website which is mobile friendly. All these statistics show that consumers nowadays wish to have “one site that fits to all devices”. Global Internet marketing is growing at lightning speed. You will never know from where your potential customer is approaching using which device? That is why it is important to provide the utmost user experience to every user who lands on a website. Making website responsive will provide the best and consistent experience to users irrespective of the device they are using to access the website. Good user experience means satisfied customer and that will naturally increase the online revenue.

Mobile is the future of web

As we already know people prefer mobile and tablet devices to access Internet over desktop. The whole world is mobilizing and if you are not, then you are definitely missing the trick. There are approximate 788.32 million mobile Internet users worldwide in 2015 compared to 188.38 million users in 2013. Mobile Internet users are increasing at lightning speed and expected to increase even faster. Global mobile data traffic is 4.2 Exabytes/month in 2015 and it is expected to reach 24.3 Exabytes/month in 2019. This shows how online users around the world are leaving the desktop and laptops behind and approaching tiny mobile devices to use Internet. You will be able to reach the right audience only if you will have the website delivering absolute user experience on desktop as well as mobile and tablet devices.

Google is considering mobile friendliness as a significant ranking signal and continuously trying to provide a better search experience to the mobile users. Google’s recent mobile friendly algorithm update was one solid step by search engine giant towards providing enriched search experience to mobile users. If you are still sticking to old fashioned traditional website design instead of making responsive website design, you are missing out a huge opportunity. It is the right time now to change business strategy and adopt the responsive website design to get online success.


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