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Monday, Feb 06, 2017 / WordPress / KrishaWeb

WP Mega Menu Plugin replaced by AP Mega Menu

What was the issue with WP Mega Menu?

Here is some important information for all the loyal users of WP Mega Menu. It is no longer in the relevant plug-in repository following name/slug conflict issues. The conflict arose due to the similarity of its name to a different plug-in outside the repository. Concerning the standards and rules of WP.org, we decided to rename WP Mega Menu. It will be henceforth available to you as AP Mega Menu.

About AP Mega Menu Plugin

This WordPress plug-in is completely free to use. Add column wise multiple widgets, configure them, or create vertical or horizontal mega menu. Include attractive and highly functional mega menu to WordPress websites. Users achieve this via drag-drop widgetized process. Built-in mega menu visual builder plug-in, it features display menu as mega menu type or flyout with horizontal and vertical orientation.

So what is next with WP Mega Menu Plugin users?

When using or downloading AP Mega Menu, users will not face any issues. You can set up the mega menu from existing website using repository current URL. However, to all the current users of our WP mega menu plug-ins, we extend apologies for the inconvenience faced. However, you can continue using the same uninterrupted when you follow these steps for using it in its new name – AP Mega Menu.

Simply follow these below mentioned quick steps.

  1. Uninstall the WP Mega Menu plug-in
  2. Install AP Mega Menu from the new repository interface
  3. You retain the existing settings and data
Tested with WordPress 4.7

The WordPress premium plug-in lets the users add widgets quite easily. Beautifully designed prebuilt skins/templates allow you to customize the menu bar. It offers multiple options to customize so that you can create custom templates.

Advanced Features List

Now you can enjoy a host of premium features:

  • Support for fly out or submenu styles for Mega Menu
  • Slide or fade transitions
  • To open the menu, click or hover trigger effects
  • Gen settings for menu options
  • Basic support
  • Fully tested for the modern browsers
  • Touch and retina ready, fully responsive
  • Language translation available
  • Options for custom settings
  • Settings for menu icons
  • Settings for menu replacement
  • Extra top/bottom sections
  • Free widgets for contact info added

With this plug-in, the users will enjoy dedicated lifetime support. If you already have the plug-in, just convert to AP Mega Menu and continue the joyride. For all our new users we have only this to say, download this today to realize what you have missing until now!


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