11 Latest UI/UX Design Trends To Rule The E-commerce Market

UI UX design Trends

UX/UI design is an essential part of website development these days. It focuses on a well planned and strategically perfect website development that could keep its customers engaged for long resulting in effective sales. Hence, this mechanism is almost a must for every eCommerce platform today.

Technology and innovations have changed our daily lives considerably over the last few decades. There is hardly anything that has remained out of this technological revolution. The business and its operational patterns have also changed drastically to match the demands of the people and their convenience. Most of the people today prefer filling shopping kitty sitting at the comfort corner of their home using a friendly and captivating e-commerce website. The best part is that your orders reach your doorstep within a certain time without much hassle. Thanks to the advent of the internet and the online eCommerce websites, we can now skip the hazard of physically visiting the market for every purchase and save a substantial amount of time and energy that could be otherwise put into productive use. The widespread acceptance of eCommerce business also comes with a growing competitive environment for the industries concerned as everyone is trying their luck online these days. What assures good progress in the eCommerce business is a well-designed website with easy to use interface that would be capable enough to attract the mass towards it and keep it glued to the website.

Hence, from traffic generation to sale conversion, the entire process needs to be made in a way that does not repel the customers anyway.

The fresh trends of UI/UX designing ensure a rising graph for every eCommerce business regardless of its nature of products. Here are some of the trends related to UX and UI that have set in to make the online experiences all more enriching.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented and Virtual Reality

One of the most important elements associated with UX/UI to make the eCommerce website interface improved is the use of AR (Augmented Reality). As the term suggests, it refers to the augmentation of the view as seen on the smartphone mobile screen. It enhances the experience of visualization and adds further dimensions to the products shown which attract the crowd towards it making the traffic more effectively. On the other hand, the idea of Virtual Reality deals with something more personalized. Instead of augmenting the screen view, it directly allows a viewer to have and enjoy a livelier version of the images encompassing all the dimensions in it. Hence, both are related to better perception and visualization of products and services ensuring improved appeal.

360-Degree View

360 Degree View

Why should an online purchaser settle for only a two-dimensional restricted view of the product of choice? Instead, there should be an augmented service that would allow the customer to enjoy the 360-degree view of the product in concern much like a physical store. Sometimes the same cannot be achieved with the help pf AR or VR. It is then that the UX/UI design needs to incorporate the 360-degree view for hassle-free and improved user experience. This will surely enhance the traffic and final sales of any eCommerce business by making the interaction between customers and product livelier.

User-Generated Content

User Generated Content

If you wish to add wings to your business, you need to ensure a remarkable consumer tracking system. User-Generated Content, often called as UGC, refers to the video, discussion form posts, blogs, audio files, digital images, and other types of media made by the end-user or the consumer. With the help of UX/UI, an interface can be designed that would friendly to the consumers in terms of allowing them to create their content online which, in turn, would bring the potential consumers near to the business-enhancing the opportunity to realize sales on a higher scale.

Easy Checkout

Easy Checkout

There are multiple websites available these days and customers enjoy the freedom to hop from one platform to another in search of their desired product and service. In such a competitive environment an enterprise must lock its attention towards customer retention and engagement. The shorter and easier the process of check out, the better is the conversion rate. Customer seldom wishes to go through a complicated check out process that deals with lot many steps and information. If so, they generally tend to switch to another platform offering the same products with easier check out process. Improving UI/UX Design of website makes it possible to complete the check out process in just 2 to3 steps. This ensures higher traffic and better conversion rates.

Target Keywords

Target Keywords

Running a successful business is not all about designing the interface and the website properly. It starts from the very first step of searching and browsing when a customer attempts to look for a web store that offers similar products that the customer has been looking for. To make your business appear atop, it is thus critical to opt for a designing empowered with the most effective keywords that would fetch your name to the top of the list. As far as UX/UI designing is concerned, the target keyword with the potential to make your business appear at the top of the search list is a vital part.

Website Security

Website Security

The UX/UI supported designing also enables the website to retain ample security measures. When everything is going online, it has to be kept in mind that data security comes first. You must adopt a technology that would help you to keep your data safe from the rest of the market. The required encryptions, upgrades and certificate installations can be done with the help of UX/UI design which ensures a fortified business minus any threat of data theft.

Bounce Rate and Conversion

Bounce Rate and Conversion

It is common for an eCommerce business to lose control over the traffic management at times. Even if your website manages to attract a considerable pool of traffic to the platform, it is never guaranteed that a sale would be generated from the same. Hence, make sure that you can reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion. A UX/UI augmented platform with tools and strategies to control the traffic and maintain the conversion would be the best to ensure a sales boost for any eCommerce platform. Thus managing bounce rates and conversion ratios have emerged as one of the most critical elements regarding UX/UI designing of late.

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Encouraging User Interactivity

User Interaction with website

The key to enhancing the sales opportunity and to realize a final sale lays in the ability of a platform to hold its visitors. The more interactive the platform is, the better the chances are there to make a sale. UX/UI designing mechanisms have been constantly upgrading and improving its scope in the domain since the last few years realizing the importance of keeping potential customers glued to the website and converting them into real-time customers.

Creatively Utilizing Color Branding

Creativity & Color Branding

Studies regarding the relation between colours and the human mind have revealed that every shade has an impact on the psychology of a person and that it plays a critical role in taking a final decision many times. When it comes to eCommerce business, the colours play a significant part in keeping the customers engaged and attracted to a website. Hence, many platforms use the vital keys that converts sale fabricated in red., red is a shade that is known to be connected with passion, excitement, happiness, and many other positive feelings. UX/UI designing keeps the same phenomenon in mind while developing the design of the website in concern. UX designing implements the colour branding mechanism in a creative manner in order to impact the conversion rate for any eCommerce business and the flow of traffic.

LARGE Attention-Grabbing Titles

Titles are attention grabbers

If increasing the sale of an eCommerce platform is the motto, then grabbing the attention of the customers should be the priority. The well written large titles that include the use of stunning words roped in a string to reflect the attention locking ideas are one of the best ways to track a passing visitor. Once the attention is taken, the sale can be realized easily.

Abstract Shapes Will Get Attention

Abstract Shapes Will Get Attention

It is human nature that whenever we come across something abysmal or grotesque, it catches our attention with immediate effect. If something has an unusual appearance away from the defined standards, people tend to take interest in that. Thus, UI/UX designing is giving more emphasis on the abstract shapes that are effective enough to bring the brand to the spotlight. Apart from images, it can be also applied to the text formats that are equally capable of tracking down attention and keeping the customers engaged for a long time.

No business can imagine thriving in the running competition without accepting the evolution that technology has stirred. UX/UI designing is a potent and exceptional way through which an eCommerce business can acquire fresh branding ensuring new horizons of sales. In the coming days, this technology is sure to undergo further sophistication and up-gradation making itself a compulsion for every eCommerce business to grow.

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