6 Important Steps to Know in UX Design Process

UX Design Process

In this digital world, having a website to run the business is mandatory. Just creating a website does not ensure huge traffic or leads. The user experience here plays a greater role. A good UX helps in getting a good flow of traffic and ensure quality spent time on your website. This blog will let you know the steps which help in creating a successful UX to gain competitive advantages.

Following are the 6 Important Steps in UX Design Process

Creating a strong digital presence is now truly matters to business growth. No matter which business type you have, you have to come online and meet people online if you want to grow in this fast-paced world. Just creating a website with average design does not mean that you will get more and more traffic. Your website is offering a better user experience or not that you have to be sure in the first place. Within a mobile application or on the web, your website is looking fine and running in a user-friendly manner that’s the ultimate goal.

Having a website with stunning UX design always helps in cutting down the development costs. It helps in comprehensive user research, wireframing, user testing, prototyping, information architecture design along with final implementation. Here the designers spend hours to ensure perfect user experience through redesigning and polishing a business app.

It is proven that with better UX, a lot of companies keep their users satisfied as well as loyal to the business. Without a proper UX design, managing good traffic is really hard rather than not possible at all. UX Design Process can differ from one business to another.

Generally, there are some steps to follow one by one to create a successful UX design, let’s know them in the below-

Do Direct Research from the Users instead of Google Research

UX Design Research

The entire process starts with research. In the first place, you have to think about your users. Who they are and their places, their needs, and from where you can find them- all these you have to think first. Here you can make a list that will enlist all the requirements and here you can also list the questions or matters you have still doubt in. if everything seems perfect, you can offer it to your users. There are a lot of tools available in the market for survey works and these will help you in collecting good ideas from the users. It is not that you will always get the average quality ideas but you can get some stunning ideas from your users. According to the expert Professional UX Designers, this is the best and unlimited source of ideas.

Craft User Persona

Craft User Persona

Generally, personas are imaginary characters and they are here to represent the different types of users. The main aim of these personas is to offer realistic and reliable representations of the key audience segment for reference. So, after creating persona you have some first data about your target users and it can reveal what they need and expect. All the business organizations create their products and services depending on these personas. UX design personas are here to aim at the user goals, present customer behavior, and even on the pain points. It mainly depends on the real people and field research.

Build a Scenario Map or User Stories

Build User Stories

Now you have user insights and personas. Generally, user stories are little examples of people’s lives. From here, designers get some ideas to empathize with a user create a way to get fit in a user’s life. Different media can present different user stories. Writing a perfect user story is not an easy job yet its format is straight forward.

Generally, these are not tasks. In other words, it can be said that a single story may need a lot of nearly hundreds of single tasks. User stories are about definition where tasks focus on implementation. Here you need to maintain the clarity about your services and products.

Stories need to be simple and solid with a standard level. It helps the stakeholders. You also need to think from a user’s point otherwise creating a good story is not possible. To make it a little more catchy and standard, you can introduce epic here.

Craft Wireframes and Interaction Prototypes

Create Wireframesand prototypes

According to the UX designers, this is the fun part for them. Here everyone gets the first visual impression of the service and product. Here you will get little conflicts as some users to believe in high fidelity wireframes and some in lo-fi for the first place. Go for lo-fi has a benefit and that is with it you do not have to waste a lot of time on drawing rather you can focus on exploring the designs. Wireframes can help you here. Without worrying about the pixels, you have to keep exploring to get the best solution. To get some help you can help with pro tools that offer high-quality results.

Visual Design, User Interface, and Deliver

Visula Design, UI and deliver

After completing wireframes and prototypes, now it is the cup of tea of UI professionals. This part is a little complicated and some experts think that the reason behind is less effort on the beta release. But after a period, both UX and UI need to stay closer. UI is all about beauty. Here you need to be strict and sure on spacing, colors, font size, and padding. In order to maintain a good UX design, human effort is needed on UI to improve time to time and maintain. After all these, you need to deliver it to the developers but before that, you can use a reliable tool that plays between designers and developers.

Proper Metrics Analysis

Proper Metrics Analysis

After completing the first version of the application now it comes to the most important part of the work. Here you need to validate the design. Here you can easily use the market available analytic tools. Analytic tools help in tracking how the users use your products, how they prefer to interact or they are getting exactly that what you want to let them get.

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