7 Tricks to Build Brand Through Social Media

7 Social Media Tricks To Build Brand Identity

Social Media has just changed the game of online marketing. You can’t beat the online competition using traditional Internet Marketing and SEO only. You need to stand out from others and think out of the box to grab online attention. Social Media can play a vital role in the success of your marketing efforts. Today we are going to discuss seven ways you can use different social media platforms to boost your online business.

Know Your Target Audience

It is most important to know whom you are talking with. Identifying the target audience of social media is not just about specifying the target industry. But you need to dive deep into the interest of your targeted audience.

Analyzing your competitor’s strategy can also help you understand the liking and disliking of your target audience. Find out your audience’s pain points and offer the best solutions. This tactic can drive lots of views and audience interaction on your social media post.

You can differentiate the social media audience based on gender, age, location, interest, liking, industry and much more such criteria for a specific platform. Identify your target audience and post the content that interests them.

Identify the Ideal Platform

Sometimes you properly identify the audience and post everything according to their interest but still not getting the desired results. It happens because probably you keep on knocking on the locked door. If none of your target audience is using that specific social media platform, it doesn’t make any sense to waste efforts on that platform.

Identifying the right social media platform for your business promotion is also very important. An ideal social media platform for your business mainly depends on the nature of the product/service you offer. LinkedIn is the best suitable for the B2B service provider. And if you are from the fashion industry you should prefer platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest etc.

So, it is important to research and identify which is your targeted audience’s preferred social media platform and speak to them in their language on that platform.

Speak in Their Language

Now when you have thoroughly understood your target audience and their preferred social media platforms, it’s time to establish a relationship with them. It is important to speak to them in their local language to develop an interactive conversation.

Speaking in audience language doesn’t mean to speak in the language they prefer but it means understanding their liking disliking, jargons they use and the tone of communication they prefer.

If you communicate through their local language, they are more likely to trust you and engage in the conversation. And eventually, that can end up as a lead for your business.

Try Visual Content

Visual content has changed the way people interact on social media platforms. You can select the best suitable content type for your business. Trending visual types are Facts/Quote images, GIFs, Videos, Infographics etc.

The selection of the type of content mainly depends on two aspects. 1) Your audience interest and 2) the Social media platform you are targeting. Content that works fine on Facebook may not perform on LinkedIn. So, it is important to understand the nature of the platform before you share anything.

All major social media platforms are targeting GIFs and Video content. So, if you are planning your social media strategy, keep GIFs and Video content at the highest priority.

Stay Social

Staying social on social media platforms refers to actively interacting with the community on a specific platform. It becomes difficult sometimes if you have thousands of followers. But the more you actively participate in the conversation, the better results you will get.

So, there is no alternative to personal interaction on social media. Keeping the platform updated with all business information can help you in such a scenario. You can provide an alternate method to contact you in the case of any query.

Timing is also crucial in Social Media Marketing. You should know the most active hours of your targeted audience and try to post or interact on the platform at that specific time. This will help you engage more and more users in the conversation.

Use of Different Social Media Tools

Things get difficult to manage as your brand grows on social media. You can opt for the different online social media tools that can help to manage your account. Such tools can help you get alert on the mention, search the trends, schedule the posts and measure the results etc.

You can choose the best tool that meets your business requirement from Hootsuite, Post Planner, Buffer and more like this. All these tools will help you precisely plan, execute and evaluate your social media campaign.

Remember that these are only the tools that help you boost productivity by automating the process. Never over-rely on the tools when it comes to the personalization of the account.

Measure the Campaign Performance

Measuring each campaign is the most important part of any social media marketing strategy. Many social media marketers miss the trick at this point. There are lots of social analytic tools available that provide you with detailed social analytics insights.

Such tools give you performance insights at the campaign and post level. This makes you understand which post or campaign is driving results for your business. It also helps you understand the audience behaviour on a certain type of content or post.

You can set the goal for your future campaign and plan the next campaign based on the insights of the earlier campaign performance.

So, these are the seven ways you can utilize to boost your business through social media. Users share more than 350,000 tweets and more than 290,000 Facebook statuses every minute. Instagram users post more than 70 million images every day. The numbers are enough evidence of the significance of social media in today’s online business. I hope these tips will help you get success with your social media marketing strategies. What are the other social media marketing tactics you use? Share your ideas in the comment box below. Want to start a Social Media Campaign for your brand? Feel free to reach our team of Social Media Experts

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