Best LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies to Follow [With LinkedIn Statistics]

LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

LinkedIn, the professional social networking platform has a broad reach across the world. People from different industries, different professions use this platform to find meaningful engagements to get better offers and better business prospects. And to support them, LinkedIn offers a variety of features and marketing solutions for small businesses. Yes, LinkedIn comes with tools that allow you to find your targeted audience from this platform and engage with them easily.

Hence, more companies and brands are now using LinkedIn for driving their marketing campaign. With proper strategies, one can reap the benefits of this platform. If you need to find an innovative way of marketing, you must try LinkedIn once. This article offers detailed information about LinkedIn B2B marketing strategies and some proven statistics.

Must-Follow LinkedIn B2B Marketing Strategies

Must-Follow B2B Marketing Strategies for LinkedIn

To get the best results from B2B marketing on LinkedIn, you need to have full proof strategies. Without a proper plan and execution, the marketing campaign will not work. Here are some of the most effective strategies for you –

Try to post on a regular basis

Like any social network platform, LinkedIn also requires consistent posts for an effective marketing campaign. You need to maintain the frequency of posts on a regular basis. Even small daily posts can offer excellent results.

Here are some points that you need to consider before posting on LinkedIn –

  • Does the post-offer your targeted audience any new information that they do not know?
  • Do your posts offer them some great and practical tips?
  • Is it the most engaging and entertaining?

It is better if you opt for posts that come with authentic comments that are engaging and fluent. With unique content, you can always build a sense of trust around your brand. Moreover, posting about related topics allows your audience to have more engagement with your brand and also allows you to take a lead position.

You can use new ideas that are exciting and offer great information to your readers and viewers. Using the “Content Suggestions Tab” can help you to find recommendations about your upcoming contents. This tab searches about which content your viewers like and recommends you the same. You also have to maintain strategic posts and posts during regular working hours to get more attention.

Make strategic posts

You need to use media effectively for your posts to make sure they get enough attention. You can experiment with media and different types of posts like short posts, long posts, image posts etc. Having a diverse range of posts makes your posts engaging and exciting.

  • Use videos: You can use video clips on LinkedIn. Posts containing video clips often get nearly five times more buyers than non-video posts. ‘You can also opt for live streaming which grabs the attention of people instantly and allows you 24 times more engagement. Try to post videos of your brand and other facts related to your services to make the posts relevant. For B2B marketing, short videos are the best, and longer videos may make your clients uninterested and bored.
  • Use native blog links: You can add the links of your native vlog posts and also opt for posting an article on LinkedIn. Try to opt for perianal articles bearing a name to engage more clients. Articles beating the writer name of your official brand may not be a great choice. Always try to use the native functionality of a channel you choose. It will allow you to have better reach.

Try to build relationships and drive engagement from your viewers

LinkedIn is a platform intended to build professional relationships between business and professionals. So, you have to make sure that you can build effective engagement with your potential clients to ensure a better business prospect. To build such a significant engagement, you need to manage and highlight your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Your employees should be able to realise the potential of personal brand and should be able to represent your organisation in a professional way while they are active on LinkedIn. Try to allow your employees to share your post on LinkedIn to establish the relation of employer and employee to make a better brand identity. Here are some tips for doing this –

  • Display your team: Opt for showcasing the faces behind your success. Showcasing your employees allows you to build trust among them. Moreover, with such posts, you get a better appreciation from your viewers. Such content is distinct from your competitors and gives you an edge.
  • Use hashtags: You can use hashtags with your posts to make it trending. The hashtags also allow your viewers to find your posts easily. But, you have to use hashtags limitedly and adequately. Overusing can damage the reach of your post. Using one or two hashtags in a post is enough. But, do not use them in each post – your posts will become boring.
    You need to take enough research before using hashtags. Try to find the best and most trending hashtags to find the best available options for you.
  • Tag other business which has relations with you: Try to tag other businesses and brands which already have a business relationship in some posts. Such posts showcase your present relationships and business prospects. You might be able to attract more customers with these posts.

Use LinkedIn Targeting effectively

You have to use LinkedIn Targeting to its full potential. It can help you to target professionals and brands and even your potential clients quickly. You can use –

  • Text ads: The regular and conventional PPC ads which appear in the home feed. Such ads come with a short description and a brand’s logo.
  • Dynamic ads: The dynamic ads also appear in the news feed. But such ads are more personalised. Dynamic ads contain the viewer’s profile picture inside it to make it more customised.
  • Sponsored contents: It is a type of native ad that appears in the feed with the promoted label in it. Such ads come with single images, video clips and can be visible in both laptop and mobile.
  • Sponsored messages: Sponsored messages are native ads that are directly sent to the inbox of a LinkedIn user and appear as a message.

Design an informative company page on LinkedIn

Your business needs to have a reliable profile on LinkedIn to ensure your customers get better insights about your brand and also get a sense of trust. Hence, you need to design the page carefully to ensure everything is perfect.  Try to use SEO for designing the Page or your business profile on LinkedIn to ensure better reach to the targeted audience.

You can use photos, brand logos, employee details, headers and necessary information about your brand on that page. Additionally, try to display your achievements like the awards, patents etc. to attract potential customers.

Try to correctly identify your audiences

You need to reach people who may be interested in B2B marketing with your brand. So, you have to find the targeted audience first. Without a targeted audience, you may not get enough views and traffic. You can use different tools to find who visits your page and also which brands have relevant requirements. It ensures your posts reach the targeted audience for a better business prospect on LinkedIn.

These are some insightful statistics about LinkedIn as a B2B Marketing Platform…

  • It has more than 660 million active users
  • It has 657 million monthly users
  • 40% of active monthly users use the platform daily
  • LinkedIn has 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision-making professionals
  • LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views
  • Employees are 14x more likely to share the content from their employers
  • 30 million companies are on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn is one of the best channels for B2B marketers
  • LinkedIn feed offers nearly 9 billion content impression per week
  • LinkedIn often drives 505 of all social media traffic to the B2B blogs and sites
  • 91% of marketing professionals opt for LinkedIn to find quality content
  • 92% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as a part of their digital marketing campaign

How to Set up a Successful LinkedIn Marketing Campaign for Your Company

You have to opt for a full proof plan to get the best ROI from LinkedIn B2B marketing campaign. For this, you need to set up our business profile here in the proper way. A properly designed business profile increases your chance of finding targeted audiences and better business prospects. Here are some tips that you can follow –

  • Get a company page: A company page on LinkedIn is the simplest thing you need to do. If you do not have one, try building one first before starting B2B campaigns. You should fill the details in the profile correctly and offer a complete profile to your viewers. That includes your logo, a profile picture, complete business details, employee name, etc. Having a proper page will increase your traffic and viewers.
  • Find the right audience: For an effective marketing campaign, you need to find the right audience segment. LinkedIn is no exception. The first thing you need to do is to find your targeted audience and your prospect viewers. It will give a better edge to your campaign, and you will be able to reach those who may need your services or products.
  • Finalise your goals: The next priority is to find your goals. You have to find your goals and decide what you want to pursue the best marketing campaign result.
  • Get your page optimised: You should always opt for optimising your page on LinkedIn. If your page is SEO optimised, you will get more traffic and viewers. This will ensure you can do effective B2B marketing.
  • Use keywords and hashtags: Moreover, try to promote your page to ensure it reaches the right people. Adding suitable trending hashtags and linking your website page or social media channels in your LinkedIn profile works excellent.
  • Try to add showcase page: You need to get related pages that can increase your brand value in front of the viewers. You can make different sections for your multiple brands or business pages separately as the showcase page. Having multiple pages from each of your brands allows you to maintain a distinct role for each of the brands and also provides better reach.

Wrapping Up Here…

As you see, LinkedIn is an excellent platform for B2B marketers. It has better potential and can also help you to reach your targeted audience base properly. You can easily reach companies and brands throughout the world who may be interested in your products and services.

But, to get the desired result, a marketer or a brand needs to engage with effective marketing strategies. You can use this article to implement B2B marketing strategies in the right way and make your LinkedIn business profile a lead-generating machine.

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