Introducing Laravel Vapor (Laravel v6.0), A Serverless Hosting Platform

Laravel Vapor Announcement

It’s not much before when Taylor reported about Laravel 6 and another freshly launched Laravel logo. Otwell also announced about new deployment platform named Laravel Vapor. Well, this website recently went live on 20th August 2019 and you can visit it at This freshly launched website is designed and executed by Focus Lab. New site navigation is straightforward and offers quality perusing knowledge for designers in the form of advanced documentation.

See the updated layout of the Official Laravel Website –

Updated Laravel Website

A question may come to your mind as to what exactly is Laravel Vapor. Well, Laravel Vapor can be described as a serverless deployment platform designed for Laravel, which is powered by AWS. It offers on-demand auto-scaling in addition to zero server maintenance. It also made some small tweaks to Laravel in the last couple of months to turn it all seamless. These days developers face several problems at the time of updating the operating systems as well as PHP versions can take advantage of Vapor.

To know more, you can visit the official site of Laravel Vapor at

Unique Features of Laravel Vapor


You will get the chance to analyze and understand the latest logs right from the vapor UI. Whenever there is a new entry made in the log it will get logs updated by default.


Just like DB, you can create Redis clusters straightway from the UI using as many nodes you wish in the cluster. In case you do not need full Redis cluster, then Vapor will by default set up a DynamoDB cache for the app.


You can choose out of 2 databases available with Vapor: Fixed-sized database and Serverless database

Serverless Database: If you wish not selecting any stipulations then it will scale automatically based on demand.

Fixed-sized Database: In case you wish to pick some specifications, for example, VCPU or RAm then it will be useful.

Fine-grained Control

If you wish to give access to control and decide what members want to do then set it for every member across resources by Vapor.

The Collaboration of Facilitates

You are supposed to pay just for a single plan to create the number of teams you wish to.

Excellent Scalability

By taking advantage of better scalability it’s in a position to load this site to serve close to half a million requests and that too in just 12 milliseconds.

Multiple “Vanity URL” for Multiple Environments

In case you what to share your project with teammates or even with your client and have nil custom domain then in such scenario you will map the project on the staging domain named “Vanity URL”.

Environment Metrics

You will be served with a synopsis of the application ecosystem made by the Vapor environment metrics. Taking advantage of these metrics you will know how much HTTP requests the application received in the last 24 hours, the average duration of the requests, costing and also how much CLI invocations.


You will get the scope to execute several hundreds of Laravel jobs concurrently taking advantage of serverless scalability.

Cloud Storage

In a hassle-free manner, you will stream the file uploads straightaway to S3 using built-in JavaScript utilities of Vapor.

Check out this video “Intro to Laravel Vapor by Taylor Otwell at LARACON VII”

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