Introduction of Exclusive Features and Updates with the Release of Laravel 5.7.26

Features and Updates with the Release of Laravel 5.7.26

Laravel has become a popular framework for the development of customized software application.

  • It becomes easier for the web-developers to implement and organize the authentication code with Laravel.
  • This framework makes it easier for developers to control access to various resources.
  • It supports many popular cache-backend of present times.
  • Laravel framework is based on Symfony and it uses the Model View Controller architectural pattern.

The 5.7 version of Laravel came out on 4th September of 2018. The latest version of this framework includes many exciting features for the web-developers. Laravel did not just stop with the introduction of an updated version. It released 26 sub-versions depending upon the feedback of web-developers. Each version includes new or updated features to maximize the efficiency and comfort of the developers when building a web application.

Exclusive Features of Laravel 5.7

Laravel Nova

Laravel Nova

The introduction of Laravel Nova is undoubtedly the most significant feature of the 5.7 version. This administration panel is carefully designed to increase the efficiency of the web-developers.

  • Eloquent feature of Nova enables a developer to easily administer the database records.
  • It offers adequate support to the lenses, filters, actions/queued actions, custom tools/cards/fields, metrics, authorization and various other features of the Laravel framework.
Email Verification

Email Verification

An optional e-mail verification feature has been included into authentication scaffolding of Laravel 5.7. It comes with the default migration of the Laravel framework. It is possible to include the ‘email_verified_at’ timestamp to ‘users’ migration table by simply running the ‘default migration’ feature.

Guest User Gates / Policies

Guest user polices

In Laravel 5.7, it becomes possible for the guest users to pass through the authorization checks. The web-developers may supply a ‘null’ default value for the ‘user argument’ definition or may declare an ‘optional’ type-hint in order to allow the guest users to pass through the checks.

Alongside the aforementioned features, it becomes possible to send notifications in locale or to ‘mock’ the ‘user input’ for the ‘console commands’ using ‘expectsQuestion’ method when using Laravel 5.7. This version allows integration with the dump-server command of Symfony. A variety of other exclusive features are also available through the Laravel 5.7.

Updated Features of Laravel 5.7.26


The 5.7.26 version of Laravel includes the most updated features after its release in February 2019.

  • Laravel 5.7.26 includes latest pipeline method which is known as ‘thenReturn’. This method can perform additional work on an object that passes through the framework.
    • Illuminate\Pipeline\Pipeline::thenReturn()(#27429)
    • Illuminate\Cache\TaggedCache::getTags()(#27445)
    • Illuminate\Http\ResponseTrait::getCallback()(#27464)
  • The latest version also includes some public getter methods.
  • In Laravel 5.7.26, the ‘License’ files are added to each ‘Illuminate’ component, as this framework uses sub-tree splits for each component.
  • The latest version also brings a new method to momentarily bypass the model events.
    • Model::withoutEvents() method (#27419, 5c5d6b2)
  • This version witnessed the revert of –

‘Fixed wrong class being used when eager loading nullable MorphTo with withDefault()(#27411)”(9bbf644)

  • Laravel 5.7.26 changed the error message in –
    • Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\TestResponse::assertJsonValidationErrors() (#27495, 98010da)
    • Illuminate\Support\Testing\Fakes\EventFake::dispatch() will return response

Exclusive features of Laravel framework enable web-developers to build a web-application within a few minutes in a hassle-free way. It gives the right tools to the web-developers in order to quickly build a stable web-application that is easier to maintain. The latest inclusions and updates of Laravel 5.7.26 are supposed to add more smoothness and bring more efficiency into the process of developing different types of web-applications.

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