Lazy Sign-in Plugin to create customized forms for WordPress website
Thursday, Jan 12, 2017 / WordPress / KrishaWeb

Lazy Sign-in Plugin lets you create customize forms for WordPress website

Have you ever faced trouble creating and customizing the login and sign up forms for your WordPress website? Well, the beauty of the WordPress platform is always offers more than one solution for the problem. We are happy to introduce an easy solution to build a custom Sign Up and Login forms. Lazy Sign-in lets you easily create fully customizable AJAX powered responsive login and a sign-up form for your website.

We have been facing many problems customizing the sign-up and login. That is why we have decided the WordPress plugin that works best when it comes to forms customization, especially in Woo-commerce. It is very easy to create a login and sign-up pages for the Woo-commerce store using the Lazy Sing-in plugin. You can easily create a login and sign-up pages using the single installation of Lazy Sign-in plugin. You will be able to create the sign-up and login page using the short code [kwt_ajax_signup_form] and [kwt_ajax_login_form]. You can add n number of fields in the sign-up form the plugin settings. It is also possible to redirect the user to specific page from the backend after signing up.

Lazy Sign-in AJAX that lets you create fully responsive signup and login forms for WordPress website. The best feature of the plugin is that you can keep the form fields ‘required’ as well as ‘unique’. Having ‘unique form fields’ is the biggest advantage of this plugin. Require and Unique field verification provides you the total control over the information you seek from the users.

This plugin also auto-generates the username and password for the users who signup. What you have to do is just tick mark the ‘Auto-generate username’ and ‘Auto generate password’ boxes in the signup setting in the backend and it will auto generate the username/password and send that to the user. Users can always update their profile details from the profile page. The system will automatically update the information in the database and consider the latest info from the latest interaction. Admin can also assign a specific role to the users who signup.

Key features of Lazy Sign-in Plugin
  • Easy installation
  • Separate login and signup pages
  • Easy customization of login and signup forms
  • Ability for add/remove fields in the signup form
  • Ability to redirect users to specific page
  • Can keep the form fields ‘required’ and ‘unique’
  • Ability to assign roles to the users
  • AJAX verification
  • Free support

You can visit to know more about the plugin and download it. You can check out our profile at for our other contribution.

Please feel free to reach us through the comment box below if you have any query or suggestion for the improvement of the Lazy Sing-in plugin.


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