Optimized coding is the new age development trick

No matter you are working on a small website or on a huge online portal, Optimized code always helps. It is a process that improves the code quality and protects it from the future damage. There are so many techniques of the website code optimization but there is a thumb rule that never changes. ‘Your optimized code must not affect the functionality of the actual code.’ This is the only and most important thing every developer must keep in mind while optimizing already written code. There are several benefits of having optimized code. Here we have discussed six reasons why you should give importance to the code optimization.

Consistent Coding

Coding is a continuous process. One has to improve the code even after the completion of the project. Coding consistency is what required for code optimization. It is something that if you keep on doing the things nobody notices but if you will miss it once, it will raise the eyebrows.

Code optimization helps you achieve consistency in the coding. It is really difficult to achieve 100% consistent code.      Technologies, coding guidelines and expectations are keep on changing with the time. And if you have properly optimized the code, it helps you keep the code consistent throughout the project. It becomes even more important when you are dealing with the legacy code involving many developers in a project.

Improved Readability

Readability is another important aspect of maintaining the highest quality of code. Untidy code is very hard to read and understand especially for the new developers in the project. Code optimization helps you dealing with the pain of messy codes. Well-optimized codes are not only well formatted but also easy to understand.

Big projects in WordPress, jQuery and Mootools always have a certain coding guideline that helps developer optimize the code. You can also follow some standard practices like using coherent naming conventions, logical utilization of indentation, white space and vertical spacing, avoiding unnecessary noise etc. These tricks will not only improve the readability but it will also make the code easily maintainable.

Efficient Refactoring

Refactoring is the process of optimizing the original code without changing its core functionality. It is more useful when you are using the code you have used for the same function in some other project. You can easily customize the code to match the latest requirements of the program.

Refactoring is the process that can save your hours of time if done properly. It demands even more attention and conceptual clarity than writing the original code. A small mistake here or there and it may ruin the entire functionality of the code. If you have properly optimized and well-structured code, refactoring becomes very easy.

Stress-free Debugging

Debugging is an important aspect of project development life cycle. Frankly, it is not the job that every developer will love to do. It is usually very tedious and time taking task when you are debugging your own code. And the situation becomes worst when you have to debug someone else’s written code.

Optimized coding reduces the stress of debugging. Certain aspects of code optimization like smart design, use of different objects and modules, architectural patterns and coding guidelines make the code debugging easy and less harrowing.

Easier Code Maintenance

It is always good to develop the code from the base. It gives you freedom to optimize the code as per the system requirement. But sometimes you have to maintain the pre-developed code. It’s an important aspect of the code optimization that makes the pre-developed code future trend computable. Optimized coding makes the code maintenance process easy.

There are plenty of online software available that helps you maintain the code. You can also follow certain best practices like using reliable version control, dependency management, documentation, backup system and testing to easily maintain and optimize the code.

Less Technical Debt

Technical debt is the sum of the bad development decisions that can end up in the financial debt in the future. Programming decisions that are taken in the hurry and without prospecting the future trends usually end up as the technical debt.

The less optimize code will be, higher will be the technical debt. Basically, it is impossible to completely avoid the technical debt. But you can definitely reduce it by properly optimizing the code. Well-optimized code can be easily customized to match the future trends.

There are several other benefits of having optimized code. For example, It makes the feature development quicker and improves the workflow when more participants are involved in the project. Code optimization also helps you develop the cleaner code base and improve the overall performance of the website. Still not convinced? Contact our technical experts and they discuss how optimized code can bring change to the performance of your website. Gone are the days where developers were supposed to write the programs. Today’s development era demands a lot more that . It demands optimized code.

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