Techniques to create an effective landing page

A landing page plays a pivotal role in an inbound internet marketing campaign. It is certainly an  indispensable part of the marketing plan, because it proves to be a perfect method of converting your leads into business. According to many experts, a landing page is the heart of the lead generation strategy, as it allows the internet marketer to gain genuine potential clients that can be converted into loyal customers .

A landing page offers a minimum of half a dozen reasons for their popularity, namely its capability of generating leads, collecting demographic information of your prospective customers, and feeding your marketing channels with useful information, and offering them a better insight on the prospects of the available offers. By regular tracking of landing page metrics and analyzing them, you can optimize your marketing strategies for an improved performance and benefit your business from every possible direction.

Once you have understood the importance of a well conceived and expertly designed landing page, now is the time that you understand the criteria that separates a good landing page from a great landing page, and also learn the techniques to design great landing pages for your business.

The layout of the landing page is always of great importance. Thus,  a realistic design that works within a simple interface is often the most effective among all layout designs, and always adds to the prospect of conversions. On the other hand, a cluttered design will bear a negative impact on the visitors and minimizes the chances of a possible conversion.

While designing a landing page take care that you do not confuse your visitors and always try to be definite about your purpose. A landing page with a single central idea allows you to gain optimum results. And a development method that targets a single product or service is certainly the most desirable among all landing page characteristics.

Maintaining the order in which the content and design are presented, is yet another very crucial aspect of an effective landing page design. Should you be seeking lead conversion for your business, consider this aspect as a priority to the success of your business. Arrange the landing page components according to their usability, and put the important features first to provide them a better visibility.

For many landing page design experts adding a ‘Call to Action’ button on the landing page, yields great results on the conversion rate. Proper placement of this specific button on the landing page is equally important, as it will dominate the way you obtain hot leads. You will also do better if you have a clear idea about the key components of a landing page like the headline, the copy, use of keywords along with the social sharing and the bookmark links

Incorporate these essential techniques into your landing page to make it highly effective, so that it can generate and convert leads with maximum efficiency.

Examples of Creative landing page :



Valentine Sweetheart

Click & Play





Feast Landing


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