Top features that make you convince creating your business website in WordPress

Reasons to choose WordPress for Business Site


Let’s have an insight why you should rely on WordPress for designing your business website.

Being open source, WordPress is free

Being open source and free, it gives a multitude of powerful approach. And most importantly, free is always attractive. You can craft your website for free where you can create things as per your tastes and needs. Nobody would ever say no. It’s worth trying at least once. But yes, most things that are available for free always lack good qualities. But it cannot be true to WordPress as it is supported by a community of developers. Hence, this free is good for several reasons.

Easy to use even by a Layman

This software is so easy to use that even your grandparents can get addicted to it. Just if you know how to use Microsoft Word!  It is all about writing a page or post in WordPress and clicking it for posting. You just need to type your thoughts, design them as bold, italic, paragraphs, add headings, centre align the text, add images if you want, and lots of things you can enjoy and play with it. This is the reason it is there! Just to give you the website that you could manage single-handedly.

Adding functionalities is simpler

Adding functionalities to WordPress is really cool and easy, which you can reflect in your website. You can add a contact form for the people to collect email from them through your website. You can get several plugins that you can easily drag and add to your WordPress theme. WordPress also offers you some useful and great plugins to solve the problem of adding plugins too.

SEO friendly

WordPress is highly Search Engine Optimized, which is necessary to promote your website online by keeping it optimized in Search Engine ranking. You just need to learn a little about SEO and you are ready to go. You can even activate some simple plugins to get results in almost no time. Adding SEO functionality is very simple with WordPress and sometimes you don’t even have to start with it. Just easy to manage!

Pool of stylish themes to choose from

This platform is coupled with a great repository of colourful, designer and unique themes you can fall for. You can select any of it for designing your website and giving it an attractive and elegant good and feel. After all, it is your website and why should you leave any stone unturned to give it the desired look. Your website will surely look awesome. These themes are the design and the styles that you add to your website which can completely change the look and feel of your website. So, choose the most attractive theme suiting your business that you love the most.

Adding blog to your website is simple

Who would not like to add a blog or multiple blogs on their websites? After all, blogging is one of the best ways to talk about your products and services. You can add interactive content to your website and let people fall in love with your products and services. In addition to writing, you can also add videos, Infographics or images anything that you want to convince and convey to your readers. The fact is WordPress was originally built around these blogs. But this is also true you can build a website without a blog too, using WordPress.

Highly flexible and scalable

WordPress is a complete CMS i.e. Content Management System that allows you to do anything you wants to. It is extremely flexible and allows you to add lot more things to make it scalable.  Whether you want to create your menus or want to add some useful widgets in it, all these are the flexibilities that you can always add to your header, footer and the sidebars of your website. The range of widgets that you can add to your website includes advertising, buttons, content, images etc.

E-commerce friendly

Most of the people usually build websites with an objective to sell their products and services online and WordPress delivers different ways to do that. WordPress provides a number of options for this suiting your business’ needs. There is a range of plugins to help you making your website e-commerce friendly. You can even integrate eCommerce systems also with that and some are free to use like WooCommerce.

WooCommerce, this WordPress plugin, can actually deliver amazing functionalities to use for free. Hence, if you own a shop, you can go online using WordPress free to reach a wider spectrum of market.

Community support

WordPress is known for offering a great deal of technical support to the people who use WordPress for creating their websites or newbies. As millions of people use WordPress and a lot of literature is available online, you can get your answers about anything you want to know about WordPress. There are numerous forums, blog posts and other support available from Web Developers of WordPress. In addition, you can also take help of professional developers for this.

Extremely safe and secure

Due to the popularity of the WordPress, it is also the most attractive target for hackers. But WordPress is extremely safe and secure for users. It offers many basic security measures, like avoid downloading a theme or plugin from an untrusted site. In addition, it also keeps updating its software to foil attacks. Actually, WordPress has an automatic update feature ever since its release of version 3.7 for the users at large, keeping them secure.

Easy to integrate

WordPress gets easily integrated with some of the most powerful platforms giving your business that extra boost. It can be easily integrated with MailChimp or Aweber etc. to offer you an option to run a full-fledged email campaign. You can easily integrate most of the payment gateway system into your site to get paid for a product or service.

Mobile-friendly platform

Nowadays having a mobile-friendly website is necessary for any business to accommodate smartphones and tablets. WordPress is already mobile-friendly, you don’t need to spend extra bucks to make it mobile-friendly by hiring developers. Thanks to several responsive themes of WordPress.

Multi-user option

Often you may have to trust on more than one person to keep your site up and running. WordPress offers this facility also to ensure that you can assign different roles to different individuals. You can have Super Admin, Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber – all in your website.

Did you see how effective and trustworthy WordPress could be for your business? Now you would have gotten enough information that can convince you why should you rely on this platform for your business to design your website? I am sure all the above information will make you fall in love with this platform.

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