WAP mobile ads are no longer displayed on Google Adwords

With the purpose of giving better options for mobile Ads in Google Adwords,  Google has declared that WAP mobile ads is no longer be supported by Google Adwords from June 2015.  You would not be able to create or use WAP mobile ads in Google Adwords anymore. If you are running WAP mobile ads and have not seen your Adword account since last month, you would not be able to see your WAP mobile ads any more. You need to select another type of mobile ad.

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a one type of pay per click ads displayed on Yahoo and Bing mobile search result pages. With the WAP ads, you have the opportunity to target the Mobile users who don’t have full web browsers. This type of ads to be used when you are targeting small mobile device users with mobile friendly landing pages. This type of ad is available in image or text ads.  To target smart phone users or mobile devices with full web browsers, you need to use device targeting feature. Due to a smaller display area, WAP mobile ads consist of 3 parts, Headlines – 18 characters, Description Line- 18 characters and Display URL with 20 characters.

Now, Adwords offers most effective ad formats that will provide improved results on mobile devices.

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