What beginners should know about effective AdWords optimization techniques?

Here’s what every beginner should know about AdWords Optimization.

Relevant ads work the best

The rate of click through of your ads on AdWords is mostly a measure of its relevancy. While the number of the words in the ad matter too it is ultimately click through rates that win the day for you. What’s more, Google tends to reward considerate and careful ads by charging only one third of the prices!

How to select the best keywords

Create ads that appear best to the end users. Bidding for keywords is never the best idea. Question format keyword phrases can be added as an optimisation technique. You need to attract quality traffic and choose your keywords in accordance. Some typical bad words to use are gallery, download, cheap, pics, free, pic, crack…

Market research for AdWords grouping

Ad grouping ensures the best optimisation benefits. For example, you may place all expensive words in a group use some for generic terms and others for specific ones. Use of specific and relevant ads means minimal use of keyword phrases. Important thing is proper grouping and regular tracking.

Always include call to action

When you are creating ads for Google AdWords, do not forget the all-important call to action part. It lets the users know what you want from them and you will be able to understand their mindset too. For example, someone who is after information only has little chance to use the CLICK HERE button.

A theme focus works the best

Any AdWords campaign contains ad groups further comprising of ads and keywords. The healthiest method of creating ad groups is through theme focus. Products may have different keywords representing it. Ideally, one should never use keywords having no resemblance to other words in an ad group minus a definite purpose. In spite of meaning the same, people may use different keywords for searching different products instead of the same.

Common account & e-commerce site structure

In order to get the best results, you should manipulate the AdWords account to resemble your e-commerce site in both navigation and structure. This ensures consistency and helps you in organising things in the best possible manner. Proper website organisation ensures easy finding of products without making searches. So, a similar structure in AdWords campaign helps in fast search of ad groups that represent a specific product on the website.

Use Search Term Reports for identifying negative keywords

The keywords you choose for AdWords and not always present in the ad shown on Google. By simply showing your ads for specific keywords, Google will only make the reach of AdWords. Naturally, it is not feasible. However, for you this means time-to-time course corrections with Search Term Reports limit term exposures that do not convert. Also, remove keywords with having low click through rates.

Remain a part of mobile markets

Enhanced AdWords campaigns signify that you simply cannot opt away from exposure on the mobile platform. After all, this is for your own good because most of the Internet users these days go for their Smartphone, tablets, or cell phone devices. So ignore mobile searches at your own risk because this thing is here to stay and constantly growing.

Go for modification of existing keywords

This can give you better results than you are getting at present. It means use of both long tail and short tail keywords for optimising your AdWords campaign. Long tail signifies adding modifiers or adjectives to existing keywords for better ad targeting, increased ROI, and specific bid management. Short tail on the other hand means removal of modifiers and adjectives to make the keywords shorter than before, increasing the reach.

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