Step by step Our Process

KrishaWeb Technologies uses the latest developments in the web medium to meet your project expectations. Our strategies are tailor-made to suit your specific business requirements with stress on timely completion and the maximum client satisfaction.
  • Planning


    Goal setting and requirement specification is the first step of the planning process. First, we assess specific business targets through in-depth consultation with your representatives. We also conduct a thorough market survey to understand your audience, competitors, and your current industry positions. Our aim is to gauge your requirements and evaluate your needs because result-driven creative solutions are possible only through effective analysis.

    Then we will create a detailed project plan based upon the work at hand. First, we will create a rough draft and take it to you for your approval. Suggest necessary changes and we will incorporate them. Once may not be enough so we keep doing revisions until our plan perfectly matches your visions.

    We put our plans in a blueprint so that our professionals may consult it at different stages of project progress to ensure that they are right on the track. Based upon our earlier market analysis, we fix strategies and create roadmaps in accordance. Don’t worry; everything we do meets your approval first!

  • Designing


    Designing process starts with the application flow design. It helps us to identify critical business assets or/and systems for varying compliance mandates. Through this, we will map out different devices, systems, and databases related to application process. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to identify assets most important for your organization.

    It is time for wireframe design after application flow scheming. This is an important step related to the process of screen design. Through this, we will define information hierarchy because it makes layout planning easy. The planning is based upon the information-processing requirement of your audience.

    Effective concept building is the key to defining the core of business marketing message. So, this stage is quite crucial for the success of overall marketing plan. Through this, we underpin campaign contents while encapsulating major themes to communicate effectively with your target group.

    Our visual design concepts place emphasis on aesthetic beauty of your site. During this stage, we go for strategic implementation of fonts, images, colors, as well as other elements.

  • Building


    HTML Architecture is one of the most critical parts of successful web development. Our aim is to appease the search engines, improve the ranking, and ensure that your site appears greater irrespective of your preferred browser. At this stage, we offer cross browser compatibility, Smartphone/tablet optimization, and more.

    Effective web development requires proper planning and here we choose communication opportunities for meeting your online goals. Based upon your audience, purpose, and objectives, we will anticipate the resources and skills to construct, develop, deploy, and operate the web.

    We will develop, maintain the core functions of your software/information system, namely operations and logic while Back-End Development. We will create features and components to be assessed indirectly by the user using a front-end system and applications.

    Integration signifies the connection of outputs acquired from different components/activities until now to the overall web project. Our web integrator’s make sure that the project complies with the agreed specifications perfectly.

  • Launch


    Quality Analysis and Testing are one of the most crucial stages before we can confidently let the developed application find its way out in the market for everybody to use. We undertake rigorous Quality Analysis and Testing in the strictest of environments to identify the related errors and the roadblocks, which can undermine its success.

    Our quality analysis team consisting of experienced programmers undertakes bug fixing and error removal for smooth operations across different platforms. We use state-of-the-art technologies combined with the top-of-the-line expertise of our professional team for this purpose. Some prototypes are released in the market to get the feedbacks and tweak as required before the final launch.

    Final launch of the completed applications is the culminating point of our project development. It is a time of joy and apprehension to as with our clients we too anxiously wait for its acceptance among the target audience. We undertake rigorous marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients to ensure the most effective launch.

  • Grow


    How is your target audience accepting the developed application? Does it fall short of your expectation anyway? What kind of tweaking that it requires still? We will get answers to all these questions and more through use of real-time online analytics tools. Timely reporting ensures that the feedback reaches you on a regular basis.

    Improvements related to design and coding in an ongoing process as we keep on incorporating new technologies as and when they become available. Also, constant feedback and reporting through analytics tools that Google Analytics allow us to make changes in keeping with the demands of your target market.

    KrishaWeb relationship with clients doesn’t end with completion of projects. We believe in ongoing support 24 x 7 through chat and e-mails. You can always contact us for troubleshooting issues, timely upgrades, further projects, advice, or consultation whenever required. The web medium is growing continuously so we help you to grow with times!

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