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Humans are emotional. Ignite emotions & connect forever.

Designing User eXperience (UX) through swift User Interface (UI) is a basic requirement of web sites, web stores and mobile apps. To strike a perfect balance between perfect Information architecture and User Centered Design (UCD) that delivers an exciting user experience is an art. It takes an inquisitive and humane heart, a brilliantly logical mind and genuine dedication to craft such excitement as reality.

The web has gone mobile, Google keywords have gone mobile; Games, shopping and ratings all have gone mobile too. The latest mantra for consumer satisfaction flaunted by the internet mobile generation is “stimulating User eXperience”. 92% users prefer mobile apps over mobile websites.

Happy User = Splendid Success

Statistics prove that User eXperience increases sales by 74%, boosts consumer satisfaction by 72% and it increases customer loyalty by 45%. It fortifies your brand by additional 30% and relegates cost per acquisition (CPA) by 17%.

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UX Design Process Scaffold

User Research Lunge

Each user and each product is unique. To design a splendid user centred design that enthrals your clients we nail down evolving desires, needs, behaviour and attitude of your consumers. Our customised qualitative research helps you stay far ahead of your competitors.

Facebook focused on delivering user centred design and user experience and today has 170000000 Unique Visitors (UVs) per day.

Key benefits our research for unique user centred design helps to ascertain In-depth customer insight. It discovers the features that are necessary and features that are not required. One can maintain balance between the product and consumer demands. Research allows you to find opportunities and scope to improve the product. It improves end user experience and delivers validate assumptions.

To affirm informed decisions, avoid costly fixes, and beat your competition, get in touch with us to learn more on how you can benefit from user centred approach projects.

UI Wireframe & UX Blueprint

We craft solutions that integrate key user aspiration and delight. After thorough research and data analysis, our team of experts design unique user centred wireframe of the projects to complement your requirements.

We embed core concept of quality, user jubilation and well balanced solution to enhance user interface solutions that remain effective for long-term. Our approach of wireframe leads to test runs that contribute to zero defect process and help minimise the implementation timeframe. The wireframes also help reduce the cost while we come up with the premium UI for unrivalled user experience.

You can see your strategy with visuals and effects as a demo using wireframe technique. That allows you to connect your demo model with your target market’s desires. You can check critical points during development cycle. Wireframe helps you to take informed business decisions for visual appeal, content and, information, tools to use, download time, etc. Get rid of post-launch adjustments is one of the biggest advantage of using wireframe. Above all, wireframes create unmatched user experience to enhance your brand image.

The Formulation Floor

The Formulation Floor is where your virtual dreams come true and your splendid vision becomes a relishable reality. With analysed data, significant structure, co-relation of vision and UX clubbed with user-friendly functionality churns out reliable UI page or UI mobile app that enhances your use market share.

The floor ceaselessly works to manifest your vision. It is an area where whole team of designers, developers and analyst work together to make the project successful.

We ensure that you remain connected with us and are on top of each development as per your convenience. The team of programmers, developers, designers, creators and relationship managers work in synchronised swarms with absolute perfection as their aim. Your dreams and client satisfaction keeps them motivated and dedicated. They are a hungry team that keep wanting more. Above all, they are proud achievers who define challenges as success. They ensure that your apps synchronise with all the future applications, are editable, tweaks friendly, and yet maintain your trademark consistent style.

Frame Flawlessness – The Testing Loop

To ensure that your UI/UX design and development deliver perfect results it goes through the Frame Flawlessness Testing Loop. The loop comes in at more than one stage. In fact, even before the development phase sets in, right from the blueprint phase the testing loop comes in play. The brilliance of testing is mandatory at each step to ensure flawlessness. You can say if we craft diamonds of UI/UX apps, the testing polishes their shine that the world appraises.

Each web page, web site, user application, mobile application goes through a unique blend of testing phases with real users. A dynamic usability testing plan ensures exclusive user experience.

It is the Frame Flawlessness – The Testing Loop that ensures that our customers derive way beyond absolute value for money. Testing results in usability assurance. It ends up at mapping user satisfaction, experience and comfort. You can get optimised information architecture as a result of the process. Adaptive behavioural analysis is the key element of the usability testing. End process will offer the sweet goodness of perfection.

Testing often shows path to save money, time and deliver far more than expected by the website visitors. Testing results into 70% enhanced results and customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us to see how we can enhance your site.

Why is UI/UX website/app the best for me?

We are a sum of our experiences, as experiences give us our memories.

“People forget what we say. They forget what we do. However, no one ever forgets how we make them feel.” – Maya Angelou

  • Pizza hut lost a massive market share to dominos when they started free home delivery services. Getting pizza at home made them feel comfortable.
  • Facebook and twitter conquered the entire social media purely based on the user experience they offer.
  • Google left yahoo far behind because it offers better user experience.
  • The greatest paradigm of UX website: The $300 million button – by Jared Spool While conducting research for a major eCommerce retail client, it was found that by twisting a simple button and a notice, the conversion rates of the site rose by an astounding 45% and increased the revenue by $300,000,000 in the first year itself.

What will UX website give you?

It will give your customer an amazing – awesome – unexplainable experience;
It gives you users, customers who keep coming back for more, along with others!

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