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7 Important UX Design Elements to Consider when Creating a Successful Design

Elements to Consider when Creating a Successful UX Design

User Experience (UX) design is the practice of improving user-friendliness or the functionality of a product or service to maximize the level of user satisfaction. UX designers create a product that offers a relevant and meaningful experience to visitors. To create a unique customer experience, deploying the latest UX Design Elements is recommended. So, let us learn what they are. 

  • Interaction Design (IxD) is a subset of UX design. The goal of this design is to make sure that the users have a pleasant experience when interacting with a product.
  • In visual design, the UX designers use photography, illustrations, space, layouts, typography and colors in order to enhance the users’ experience. The artistic design principles, such as balance/contrast/space, are crucial for effective visual designs.
  • User research plays an important role in the success of UX design. It enables a designer to learn about the necessities and desires of the target customers and make informed decisions.
  • Using the Information Architecture, a UX designer can properly structure or label the content. It makes sure that the users can easily find the information they are searching for.

Hence, it is not easy designing an interface that maximizes the users’ satisfaction. The constantly shifting expectation of the users makes it more difficult. So, UX Designers along with UI Designers need to organize website structure by following steps to improve UI UX Design of website. In this scenario, the following elements can help you design a successful UX design to satisfy the needs of the target audience.

Simplified Users’ Journey

Simplified Users’ Journey

Everyone visits a website with an intention in mind and wants to fulfill this intention as quickly as possible. A successful UX design simplifies the users’ journey in order to offer a pleasant experience. A simplified design may incorporate the following aspects to save the users’ time.

  • The anticipatory design tries to acknowledge a user’s needs in order to efficiently accommodate these requirements.
  • The linear design enables the users to execute one action at every point of their journey.
  • The progressive disclosure technique is useful for websites that contain lots of data. It can enhance the user experience by making the information visible based on a user’s requirements.
  • The context-based information displays the relevant information depending upon a user’s context.

Focus on Personalization

Focus on Personalization

It is important to emphasize on delivering a personalized experience instead of generic experience for a successful UX design. One example of personalization is the inclusion of personalized recommendations based on users’ behaviors. The following steps enable the UX designers to offer a personalized experience. Also, read responsive website design tips for an appealing appearance of your website.

  • Through UX designing, it is possible for a website to present information based on a user’s current geographical location.
  • An effective UX design enables a website/application to adapt to a user’s unique necessities depending upon his/her interactions with a digital device or the issues encountered.

Emphasis on Content

Emphasis on Content

To make the websites or mobile applications appealing to the users, it is essential for the UX designers to make sure that the relevant and organized contents are readily available to the users. This type of design strategy may benefit from the integration of the following visual features.

  • The UX designers can expedite or facilitate a user’s ability through precise visual order. They may use effective visual signals in order to guide the users’ focus on some data or interactive features.
  • To eliminate the irrelevant/useless details and to magnify the useful data, the UX designers may use the operative de-cluttering technique.
  • The UX designers may even use the Whitespace to optimize the user experience.

Integrating Video Content

Integrating Video Content

There is no doubt that the correct application of the video content can optimize the user experience. The following steps enable UX designers to make the best use of video content.

  • It is prudent for a UX designer to adjust all types of video content for the portrait frame.
  • It is crucial for designers to deliver important information through short and lively videos. The UX designers may even use different types of videos, such as Facebook Live or 360-degree videos.
  • The UX designers may feature HD images/videos alongside the full-screen visual experience.

Humanized Experience

Humanized Experience

These days, users expect a humanized experience when connecting to digital products. Through the humanization of digital experience, the UX designers help users develop emotional connections to digital products. A designer may humanize the digital experience using various processes.

  • Using micro-interactions
  • Mimicking human emotions
  • Sharing human emotions using face recognition technology
  • Developing natural methods of interacting with the apps

Integration of VUI

Integration of VUI

The number of web searches using the voice command has increased in 2018 and this trend is likely to continue. Hence, it is important for the UX designers to integrate the VUI (Voice User Interface) in order to maximize the users’ experience on all types of websites.

Biometric Verification

Biometric Verification

Along with the Elements of User Experience Design, the UX designers may use biometric authentication technology instead of conventional methods to verify a user’s access. This change is guaranteed to simplify the process of user authentication because it saves the user from remembering a series of passwords for different websites or applications.


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