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Ways to reset/update user password for WordPress websites

WordPress system gives you many ways to reset the administrator and user password. The most common method used is doing it through the default WordPress interface. It is the easiest way to reset/recover the password for WordPress website.

WordPress has its own built-in password recovery mechanism that makes it very easy to reset the passwords for website admin. It uses the user email to reset the password. The only problem with this system is that emails don’t work properly in some of the hosts. and as an admin, you have to choose some other method to reset the user’s password.

Here, I have discussed a few techniques you can use to reset the passwords for the WordPress website. Any of the following methods can work for you depending on the kind of access you have to the website.

Resetting password through automatic emailer

You can use this default ‘Lost Password’ feature of the WordPress system if you know the username of the registered email of the user. It’s just a five-step process to update the password through an automatic emailer.

  • Go to your WordPress Login page
  • Click on the Lost your password? link
  • You will be taken to a page to put in some details. Enter your username or the email address on file for that account.
  • Wait happily as your new password is emailed to you.
  • Once you get your new password, log in and change it to something you can remember on your profile page.

Updating password through FTP

If you are an admin user of the website, you can easily update the password using the FTP.

1. Log in to your site via FTP and download your active theme’s functions.php file.
2. Edit the file and add this code to it, right at the beginning, after the first wp_set_password( ‘password’, 1 );

Put in your own new password for the main admin user. The “1” is the user ID number in the wp_users table.
3. Upload the modified file back to your site.
4. After you then are able to log in, make sure to go back and remove that code. It will reset your password on every page load until you do.

Through phpMyAdmin

Playing with phpMyAdmin is always a risky thing. You got to have the technical knowledge to do that. And if you are not technically pro, I would recommend contacting the developer who can do this for you.

Following are the steps with the screenshot to change the user password through phpMyAdmin.

1. Begin by logging into phpMyAdmin and clicking databases.
2. A list of databases will appear. Click your WordPress database.
3. All the tables in your database will appear. If not, click Structure.
4. Look for _users in the Table column.
5. Click on the icon for a browse.
6. Locate your Username under user_login
7. Click edit (may look like a pencil icon in some versions of phpMyAdmin)
8. Your user_id will be shown, click on Edit
9. Next to the user_pass is a long list of numbers and letters.
10. Select and delete these and type in your new password.
11. Type in the password you want to use. Just type it in normally, but remember, it is case-sensitive.
12. In this example, the new password will be ‘muprpassword’
13. Once you have done that, click the dropdown menu indicated, and select MD5 from the menu.
14. Check that your password is actually correct, and that MD5 is in the box.

15. Click the ‘Go’ button to the bottom right.
16. Test the new password on the login screen. If it doesn’t work, check that you’ve followed these instructions exactly.

User Password update through WP CLI

WP CLI is a command line tool for managing your WordPress installation.

1. Move into the /WordPress directory and type
$ wp user list
to see all users. Find the ID of the user you’d like to update.
2. Then, update the user
$ wp user update 1 --user_pass=$UP3RstrongP4$$w0rd
replacing “1” with the id of the user you want to update. You can also use the user login or email instead of id to reset the password.

Updating passwords through plugins

Plugins are always an important part of any WordPress setup. It makes many complex tasks easy and effective. The same is with resetting multiple users’ passwords for your WordPress website. You don’t need to have any advanced technical knowledge to do that if you have installed the ‘Mass User Password Reset’ plugin.

Mass Users Password Reset is a WordPress Plugin that lets you reset the password of all users. It can group the users according to their role and resets the password of that group. It sends a notification email to users about their new randomly generated password.

Mass User Password ResetPro Features:
  • Role-based grouping
  • An email notification with a new password
  • Custom filter-based actions
  • Custom email template
  • Option to send a password reset link
  • Test Mode
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Multilingual translation
  • Excellent support

So, these are some of the methods you can use to reset/update the user password for your WordPress website. As I mention, any of these methods can work for you depending on the level of access you have to the website.

I hope this information will help you. Reach me in the comment below if you have any queries for the same.


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