10 Things to consider when creating an Enterprise mobile app

Mobile is gaining entry into every sphere of our lives rapidly. The entire world is getting digitized at a rapid pace. Every day we see several platforms switching their businesses to mobile platforms. All these shifts are due to the easy accessibility to the employees and ensuring that it will keep them in touch irrespective of their location. This is how it is also entering into today’s technology and business world. Although it also brings its own bunch of problems and drawbacks, one thing is absolutely great, especially about the mobile industry, you get all the solutions almost instantly. We are getting all the solutions pretty fast due to these technologies. What makes it more vibrant is the right knowledge how to migrate your business from the desktop to your mobile. This triggers the market of mobile apps to make the businesses accessible and go “mobile”. Here are some of the tips that you can follow when planning to design and create any enterprise mobile app:

1.  Aim for the Clouds

With the evolving technology, offering employees with robust and user-friendly devices is also gaining a lot of boosts, even for the technology-driven prominent companies. The latest of such technology is Bring Your Own Device (BOYD) policy in the workplace. Giving staff members to bring their computers, smartphones, and tablets to work in the office is also becoming a trend these days. This BOYD system offers more automated and integrated options to their employees. This can help the developers to create, test, integrate and consolidate the enterprise platform and can create more powerful great enterprise mobile apps.

2. More Secure Mobile

These days as the enterprise tools are more visible on mobile devices you must emphasize on and make sure that your mobile apps are extremely secure without any security flaws. You must ensure that the security protocols, your app is embedded with, are top notch as it is integrated with the cloud. As the smallest loophole or security leakage may leave your mobile app pretty vulnerable to attacks leading to grave losses. So, just remember while offering mobile access to the enterprise can be a wow thing, it is equally a critical issue if it is not tightly secured, which must also have 100% technical support.

 3. Hybrid HTML5

When it comes to integration of devices, hybrid HTML5 is the king. It is a great evolution enabling the app to run efficiently on all the platforms. The basics behind the running of applications are that it has an inbuilt web browser that runs the service using cloud and it is not dependent on its design and feature differences that are there in every mobile platform. This independency will actually be harnessed by the worldwide developers in the year 2017 when it comes to best enterprise mobile apps development.

4. Employee Engagement

This is one of the most prominent ways when you plan to develop top enterprise mobile apps and want to make it a big hit. Through the mobile app, you can take live feedback on the design and user experiences from your employees and can trigger the audience volume and get maximum input to your app. Given its strategic significance, it is sad to know that most organizations today do no pay much attention to this factor when planning their enterprise mobile app.

5. Internet of Things

Nowadays connections are gaining a lot of popularity and that is why internet of things is getting more popular. Connecting with your environment is nothing new and every brand wants to make products that are “connected”. Considering this trend, you must integrate this concept when developing top enterprise mobile apps, particularly in the manufacturing sector. It is actually a great leap to trigger actionable commands for your machinery using a mobile app irrespective of the location. This concept is nowadays being tried and tested by major manufacturing organization in a live environment.

6. User-Friendly Interface

When designing the app that you are developing for end users and your employees, the most vital thing that you should consider is the interface of the mobile application. You must consider your employees as your customers which will ensure the best usage of your application. Your app design must be attractive as you would have built for your customers. After creating an engaging and attractive interface for your employees, you should move to the next step of the process.

7. Easy Accessibility

The key to developing a great enterprise mobile app is to make sure that is easy and simple to be used and your staff can easily access the corporate data through their mobiles. Avoiding this factor will actually make all your efforts futile. Simplicity and easy accessibility are equally necessary for the success of any mobile app. If your staff members are not feeling comfortable accessing data on their mobile app, things are not working for your mobile app. They may lose interest in using that app without giving a second thought.

8. Get Ready for Spending Generously on Mobile Development

Nowadays enterprise apps are not a small affair. It requires investment to get a good one. Irrespective of the country and place you get it developed. The most vital step in getting an enterprise mobile app is deciding on a developer to develop your application. You must have sufficient funds to get one. So never go for a cheap one. You should spend a little more to get the best product. Getting a cheap app that cannot perform the way you wanted will end up your product in the bin. You may not get the returns on your investment. So be smart and only try your hand at mobile development when you have made up your mind to spend generously on it. The best way to get a great app is always make it in-house instead of hiring developers or get it outsourced. They will be more confident and aware of the goals and they’ll also put more soul into creating it as they would be aware they are the ones who are going to use it.

9. Right Marketing

The best way to make it enticing for your employees to use it is to offer a small incentive for every time anyone uses the app. It will not only draw more traffic to your enterprise app, but it will also lead to an improved overall performance as they will try to get the more incentive by using it over.

Although a good app in itself is a complete marketing campaign, you must focus on the right marketing strategy. If your app offers a better solution and saves the time of your employees they are by default going to use it very often.

10. Keep Improving the App

The last and the foremost factor that keeps your mobile app popular is very often you should keep improving the features by releasing the latest and new versions. Betterment of app is the best way to maintain its demand and keep it live and useful on the market. There is always room for betterment. If you do this, you will get finally a much better app in line with your business needs and the changing preferences of your employees.

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