Impressive Features of Apple WatchOS 4 for Users and App Developers

Set to release in July 2017 as a ‘free-update’ for the users of Apple Watch -watchOS 4 makes three new faces available to the users with stylish looks and enhanced performance.


Apple Smartwatches Introduction


The Apple Smartwatches decrease the necessity of carrying different tools for different tasks. These Smartwatches monitor a person’s health and track the level of fitness. They also work as wrist computers and remote controls.

  • It is easy to watch time on these Smartwatches with bigger screen size and brighter display.
  • The Apple Smartwatches come with a variety of faces – utilitarian, minimalistic, chronometer, motion graphics and other variants. The type of data changes from one face to another.
  • The Smartwatches work as fitness companions with inbuilt heart-rate monitoring apps. They can automatically track an individual’s different movements during workout. It is possible to share the achievements with others through its ‘Activity Sharing’ feature.
  • These Smartwatches has a smart payment option with the integration of Apple Pay.
  • The Apple Watch also has personalized communicators and efficient notification system.


Best Features of watchOS 4

Introduction & Availability of WatchOS 4


The integration of watchOS 4 makes Apple’s Smartwatches smarter, speedier and more intuitive.

  • The inclusion of watchOS 4 turns the Smartwatch into the proactive assistant. It enhances the watch’s performance and let the users personalize watch’s tuning or display options.
  • The updated Apple News complication let users gain quick access into Apple News app and Message complication.
  • It is easy to open the updated Heart Rate complication and view the heart-rate measurement.
  • The latest watchOS 4 developer beta 4 released on 24th July alongside the release of iOS 11.
  • The watchOS 4 developer beta 3 released on 13th July with the dynamic cosmetic changes and utilitarian updates.
  • The watchOS 4 developer beta 2 released on 21st June with Toy Story watch-face and improved features.
  • The watchOS 4 developer beta 1 released on 5th June during the announcement of WWDC keynote.

Watch Faces


The watchOS 4 makes three new faces available to the users with modish looks and enhanced performance. The Kaleidoscope, Siri and Toy Story watch faces include new Photos face.


Toy Story


The smiling faces of Woody, Jessie and Buzz Light year can light up anyone’s mood in an instant. These images are available with the new Toy Story watch face. It is the newest addition to the existing Disney option. The user can raise the wrist and enjoy a vignette of Toy Story.




The Siri watch-face integrates the unique features of Siri personalization to the Apple Smartwatches. It uses the identical machine learning algorithms of Siri used on other iOS devices.


  • This watch-face collects data from frequently used apps. It automatically displays relevant information to the users.
  • It can predict the users’ necessities beforehand and can display the information on Smartwatch.
  • This watch-face has an exclusive Siri complication with the voice-interface of the Personal Assistant.
  • It provides breathe alerts, work-out details, map info, weather info and reminders of appointments.
  • It has alarms, wallet, music, stocks, HomeKit controls, sunset times, timersphoto memories and stopwatch.




The Kaleidoscope watch-face makes kaleidoscopic designs out of snapshots. The pictures change throughout the day in enigmatic kaleidoscopic patterns with updating of Digital Crown. It is possible to use the stacked photographs or newly captured images as the watch-face.


Updated Interface Elements


  • The users can easily shift from the standard interface with app-grid to the list of installed apps using watchOS 4. They can scroll down the list using Digital Crown or their fingers.
  • The redesigned Dock displays the icons vertically and has enhanced the Digital Crown’s control.
  • The Dock’s updated features are similar to the features of iPhone’s App Switcher. It does not display the users’ favorite apps. It exhibits the users’ recently used apps.
  • The watchOS 4 alerts the users regarding the latest notifications and display contents of notifications.
  • The updated Control Center has a Flashlight icon to brighten up the display with a radiant background. It improves visibility in low-light conditions. It works as a safety light at night.


Updated Activity Features


  • The users automatically receive the latest information on personalized progress with the updated activity features.
  • The updated features motivate the users to complete a goal and congratulate them after completion.
  • These features design personalized challenges for users based on their previous track record. They gently intensify the activity log and motivate users to increase their capacity.


Workout Updates


  • The enhanced workout features let users quickly track the workout history with one tap. The users need not navigate the OS to access the Workout section with this update.
  • The latest heart-rate and motion monitoring systems track the details of burned calorie during cardio exercise.
  • The latest Pool Swim feature tracks the pace, rests, sets, and distance for every stroke type.
  • It can track the users’ speed, calorie, and heart-rate after pairing the Smartwatch with compatible gym equipment.
  • The users can effortlessly switch from one activity type to another during multiple workout sessions.
  • The updated workout setup provides a summary of key metrics at the completion of activities.


Updated App Features


Music Management


The redesigned Apple Music app maintains symmetry with Apple’s AirPods. It is possible to scroll the playlist and albums with Digital Crown. The users can effortlessly access the Music Library. The shuffle button is present at the display’s center for effortless operation. The Smartwatches now supports multiple playlists with automatic import of music from Apple’s playlists.


Message App for Person-to-Person Payment


  • The peer-to-peer payment option of Apple Pay is available on the Smartwatches through watchOS 4. It has a Message app to send or receive money directly from other persons.
  • The ‘biometric authentication’ feature of Apple Smartwatches plays a vital role in this task.
  • The received payment is stored inside Apple’s Pay Cash account. The users can utilize the Smartwatch to transfer the money to their bank accounts or to make payments.


Mail App


  • The latest Mail app allows the users to create a variety of inboxes, such as Flagged, VIP and Unread. The users may utilize these inboxes to store or view the emails.
  • The watchOS 4 allows the users to compose new emails using the Compose option. The Compose UI feature let users add a contact, create a subject-line or use Siri’s speech-to-text option.


Apple News


The Apple News app sends regular notifications to the users regarding the latest news on preferred sections. This app provides a succinct overview of the contents from selected news headlines. It is possible to save the articles from Apple News for a later date using the Smartwatch.


Heart Rate App


The Heart Rate app graphically displays the heart-rate measurements over a period of 24 hours. This updated feature let the users monitor the fluctuations of their heart-rate at different hours.



Camera App


The Camera app on watchOS 4 takes snapshots on the iPhone. It also has video controls to start/stop the video.


Timers App


The updated Timers app can display seconds. The users were able to visualize the hour or minute countdowns with previous versions. The watchOS 4 let the users visualize the countdown of seconds.


Systemwide Improvements


  • The watchOS 4 uses a single process to run the code and UI elements of an app. This updating reduces the apps’ latency, improves their speed and enhances their responsiveness.
  • The users can utilize the ‘auto rotate’ feature to display any content on the Apple Watch. This particular feature is useful during the development of ‘wearable apps’ for translation and payments.


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Improved Bluetooth Support


  • The users can utilize the Core Bluetooth feature of watchOS 4 to establish a direct connection without the phone. This feature let users receive updated info with the raising movement of their wrists.
  • The Core Bluetooth option is useful for different types of apps including surfing or glucose monitor app. It is also useful for the Sports app attached to tennis rackets. The users can make instant adjustments after receiving direct information on the Smartwatch.



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Latest Background Modes


The users can visualize the next step in their directions with the raising of their wrists. The watchOS 4 allows several apps to run in the background and provide consecutive navigation. The Audio Recording apps deliver continuous voice memos with the updated background modes. The apps for Public-Transit, Navigation and Tour Guide receive data in a timely manner.

Graphics and Media


WatchOS 4 has improved the features of graphics and media tools within the apps. It includes additional supports for SpriteKit, SceneKit, in-line video, and the speaker audio. It also supports the Game Center for the continuous gaming experience. It supports CloudKit for effortless data storage across many devices.


Additional Features for Developers


  • The third-party apps use Sirikit to interface with Siri. The watchOS4 offers better support to Sirikit. The developers can now add Siri to apps and use this feature to take notes.
  • The watchOS 4 apps allow users to access navigation information and record audio in the background. It is possible to use the gyroscope/accelerometer in real time. The users can access the water-lock feature and implement the auto-screen rotation through the Apple Watch.
  • WatchOS 4 is all set to change Apple Watch app development.

Summary with Release Date


The versatile watchOS 4 is available for the developers in beta form before its official release in July 2017. WatchOS 4 has increased the apps’ loading speed. The apps become more responsive and efficient with the updated features of watchOS 4. It is also easier to access the apps with watchOS 4. The watchOS 4 is compatible with all models of Apple Watch. It is set to release in July 2017 as a ‘free-update’ for the users of Apple Watch.

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