5 Tips to get best online deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Black Friday on 28th November followed by the Small Business Saturday and the Cyber Monday. This is going to be the super saver weekend for everyone. Past business records show that people most likely do their Christmas shopping during these days. Whether you are looking for cloths or any electronic gadget; you will get the best deals for the product you want from your desired brands. The only challenge you probably have to face is the Buyer’s rush to the shopping malls. There is a smart solution for this hitch as well. That is the online shopping. According to “National Retail Federation”, online shopping is expected to account for more than half of the holiday purchase during this holiday weekend.

Number of stores is offering the same deals online that they offer on stores.  Even big online stores like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and eBay, etc. are offering the special deals for black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is really a great advantage. You don’t need to rush to the store, find the product, and stand in the queue instead you can get the product at your doorstep. Though finding the most reliable and profitable deals online is not that easy. These are a few tips to find the best deals for you on this holiday weekend.

Research ahead the shopping

Proper research about the product you wish to purchase is essential before buying. Find out the online stores that offer the same product. Also look for the sponsored discount ads for black Friday and Cyber Monday. Another important thing to find out is when your desired product will be available. For example – Amazon has started their Black Friday deals from the Wednesday this year. Timing is everything.  Logged into the account at the right time and you will be able to buy that product easily.

Find out the best deals from your favorite online store

Which online store, you prefer the most for shopping?  Get subscribed to their email list. Most of the online stores send their special deals to email subscribers. You will be able to know about the top offers of your favorite store. Not only get subscribed, but also create your buyers account for that store. You can do that at any point of buying process, but I suggest creating it well in advance. If you have already created the account and placed the shipping address and credit card details it will save you from the risk of product going out of the stock.

Compare deal price with other stores

Price comparison is the most essential. You should not always rely on the pricing on any one store. There are different websites like Pricegrabber and TheFind.com that offer the price comparison features. You can also use browser add-on like The Invisible Hand to compare the price from different online stores. You can also compare the shipping policies of different online stores. Some big online stores offer free shipping purchasing on black Friday. Take all these factors into consideration to identify the best deal for you.

Get promotional coupon codes

Online coupon codes are what make the shopping experience even exiting on black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can get the extra discount on the product you wish to purchase by using such promotional coupons. If you find any section for to add coupon code while checking out process; it means that website offers discount coupon codes on online purchase. You can find the discount coupon codes on the retailer’s website or in any other advertisement on the web. You need to search for the combination of that “Store Name” with the word “Coupon Code” to find the coupon code on the web.

Be social with the brand you love

Social media marketing is one of the most important elements of any brand’s marketing campaign. All most every business is listed on one or another social network nowadays. Follow the Twitter feed of the brand you preferred and like the Facebook page of the brand; it will keep you updated with the latest offerings. Some stores offer the direct purchasing from the social media websites. You can also get the benefit of the special offering of the stores for their loyal community by following them on social media.

According to the past year market reports; People tend to find the best deals for electronic gadgets on Black Friday and best deals for clothes and fashion accessories on Cyber Monday. Whether you purchase on Black Friday or on any other day; these tips will definitely help you to have a pleasing shopping experience during the shopping holidays starting right from the Thanksgiving Day.

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