Google introduced ‘Smart Goals’ in analytics to help small and medium sized business

Google has introduced a new way to optimize the AdWords conversions for the advertiser who are not able to measure the conversions in Google AdWords or setting up the goals in Google Analytic. Smart Goals will help advertisers to optimize the campaign who are not measuring website conversions due to lack of time or technical ability. Google’s new ‘Smart Goals’ will let advertisers identify the highest quality visits on the website and optimize the AdWords campaign to convert those visits in leads.

Unlike AdWords conversions tracking and Analytic Goal Conversion, Smart Goal don’t measure the actions taken on the advertiser’s website. Smart Goals analyze the conversion data from Google Analytic to identify the visits that are most likely to convert into leads. Google has officially introduced the feature on the AdWords blog on Thursday. The company has also explained how smart goals works.

“To generate Smart Goals, we apply machine learning across thousands of websites that use Google Analytics and have opted in to share anonymized conversion data. From this information, we can distill dozens of key factors that correlate with likelihood to convert: things like session duration, pages per session, location, device and browser. We can then apply these key factors to any website. The easiest way to think about Smart Goals is that they reflect your website visits that our model indicates are most likely to lead to conversions.”

Google uses machine-learning technology and analytic data get the suitable insights about the smart goals. You need to link your Google Analytic account with your AdWords account to get the access of Smart Goals. Once you have linked the accounts you can find the Smart Goals under goals in conversion section. When you click on Smart Goals, you will be able to see a page for Smart Goal conversion that will demonstrate the user behavior of the visitors who are most likely to convert.

Once you have activated the Smart Goals, you can import that into your AdWords account just like other goals in Analytics. If you are not measuring the actual conversions in AdWords yet, importing Smart Goals as conversion will let you set a target CAP in AdWords and optimize the campaign. Smart Goals enables you to spend based on the conversion probability determined by machine learning algorithm and Google Analytics insights.

Google has told the community that they will be rolling out the Smart Goals over the next few weeks. You must have your Google Analytic account linked with the AdWords account and analytic must receive over 1000 clicks from AdWords over a 30-day period to get the access of smart goals feature.

As mentioned by Google, they are committed to help marketers to drive better marketing result through Analytics data. Smart Goals will definitely help hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses to drive better conversions. Here you can get all the information how you can set up and manage the smart goals.

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