Google lets you save the image search result like Pinterest

We are habituated to search for the information and images on Google. There are certain other platforms to find better images like Pinterest, Instagram etc. Pinterest is the most likely platform used by the online users when it comes to image search. The biggest factor that put Pinterest apart from the competition is it’s user interface that is easy to understand. Google is also looking to provide the better user experience to image searchers. That is the reason why Google has introduced a new feature that lets you bookmark the image from the search result and also lets you make the collection of your saved images.

Diego Accame, a software engineer at Google has announced the update on the Official Google Search Blog on Monday. He wrote, “The perfect image of your next big adventure, knitting project or style-changing haircut is bound to exist somewhere out there. But what happens once you find the image? Take a screenshot? Maybe try to save the webpage? Starting today there is an easier option: you can now star and bookmark images directly from Google’s image search in your mobile browser. “

He also explains the process. What you do, when you find the perfect image for your search query? You will probably bookmark the result page. Well, Google has simplified the things now. You can directly bookmark the image in image search result by tapping on the ‘star button’ and save it for later use. You can also make the collection of the different images and save them all in one folder by clicking on the new ‘pencil shaped’ icon. When you will do so, you will find a floating box saying “View Saved” whenever you perform the image search. You can have the quick access of all your saved/stared images from that button only. You can also visit the original source of the image by clicking the image result.You need to make sure that you have logged into Google Account.

Saving the image for the later use and ability to make the collection of the images may suggest that Google is following the Pinterest’s trail. But that is not exactly true. Both the Google and Pinterest have their own turfs and audiencebase. Pinterest is progressively working to improve the search feature of the platform. It has recently introduced the ‘Visual Search’ feature to the platform. That has emerged the unlimited text-less search possibilities on Pinterest. Many users consider Pinterest as Social Media Platform only, but it is lot more than that with its enormous searching capability.

It is not the first time Google has adopted Pinterest-like interface or feature. Google has revamped its popular social network Google+ in May this year. Google has added the ability to make the collection of the images and follow other users collection in that update. It is just like we use to create the boards on Pinterest and follow the boards of our likings.

You can’t follow what other users have saved, in this current image search feature update. Google lets you see your saved images only. Well, this feature is not rolled out for all users yet. This feature is available forAndroid and iOS mobile devices for the users in the USA only. It looks like it is in testing phase yet. Google has not given any specific date or time when this feature will be available globally and for desktop users.

Google is focusing on providing better user experience for mobile image searchers. This will definitely somehow affect the performance of the Pinterest. So what do you think?  Will Google be able to divert the Pinterest searchers to Google Image Search? Well, time will tell that.

Have you tried this new image search feature of Google? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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