Google panda 4.0 and Google payday 2.0 – all you need to know

And further…: The Panda 4.0 was closely followed by payday loan 2.0, another algorithm update that targets spam content and spam links. The effective amalgamation of both is traceable only to the webmasters who keep a close watch on the SEO and search aspects everyday. The payday loan 2.0 effects can be judged comparatively easily. If the link of the site has been completely removed from SERPs it is an effect of Payday loan 2.0 and not Panda 4.0.

The causes and effect:

Payday loan 2.0 specifically weeds out the ‘spam queries’ especially related to payday loans, accident claims, insurance and finance. Officially launched in 2013 on June 11, the algorithm affected about 0.3% to 4% of the 12.5 billion search queries per month.

Google Panda works on sole aim of displaying quality content and trustworthy sites as search results. By now, there have been over 10 SERP affecting major releases of Panda, launched globally in August 2011. Google Panda 4.0 will form the basis of the new updates from this point forward.

Earlier Google has announced that it will not float any two updates together to keep it simple for the webmasters. It was also stated that the Panda updates will be embed in algorithm and there will be no announcements. However, the announcement of Panda 4.0 by Matt Cutts on May 21, 3014 cleared the confusion being caused by mixed effects of Panda 4.0 and Payday loan 2.0.

Experts are expecting a Penguin update soon as well. SEO professionals stated that the new update makes it clear that no site is truly immune. To keep up with pace of Google and its update the webmasters and digital marketing experts along with SEO professionals will need to work together on daily basis.

The remedy:

Apart from monitoring the organic traffic and its flow closely, it is important to audit the entire site for original and robust content that is liked and shared easily.  Not only the present content needs to be quality content, even the historical content that is not as per the policy guidelines can affect the search ranking.

If you are trying to recover from Google penalty, consulting an SEO expert is the right way to go. There are too many parameters and processes involved that will never be available on public domains. Only the experienced and professional SEO teams can manage the SERPs effectively.

Apart from content managing the links – internal as well as external, editorials, reviews, online company profiles and the experience factor all play a big role in sites trustworthiness. Sites honesty and appeal too are factors that affect your SERP.

In fact without search engine assets and search marketing readiness, it is going to be practically impossible to maintain and sustain the sites that have had good ratings as well. If you want to be recognized, you need to recognize the demand of the hour as well. It is high time to be serious about your SERP ratings and revenue.

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