Google Panda 4.1 algorithm update is Live

So what’s new about these updates?

According to Google with Panda Update 4.1 it wants to be quite precise, allowing high quality medium or small sized sites rank better based upon the quality of presented content. The search engine has used feedbacks from Webmaster and users to use certain signals for precise identification of low quality content. The result is ultimately nice because it allows greater diversity, bringing medium/small websites to the forefront and makes them rank high than before.

A Mixed Bouquet of New Chances & New Penalties

The recent rollout from Google brings new significance for everybody. For example, those Panda penalised during the earlier updates now get a chance to re-emerge, of course, only after they incorporate appropriate changes. The advice to those hit by Panda updates would be to make alterations and give your side the chance to make a comeback with a BANG! If you make the changes today the results will become visible by the next weekend! Not only will you be able to realise is your changes were appropriate, but also start seeing immediate increase in the traffic to your site.

Panda Update 4.1 on one hand brings good news for sites that had to bear the brunt of stricter selection measures during the last updates, but also brings bad news for other sites. New sites that were not previously affected may now however see a turn in the luck towards negative. So, those websites who are suddenly experiencing traffic drop should delve deeper to determine whether these latest updates have something to do with these unexplained happenings.

Why Panda Update 4.1?

Are you wondering why Google has named their latest updates Panda 4.1? Now, the secret to this lies in the naming of their previous update. It was Panda 4.0, wasn’t it? Since, this time around the changes are not that big or significant, the degree of updates has been reflected through the number 4.1, just .1 deviations from the last ones.

Over the years, Google has introduced numerous updates regarding the workings of its search engines and websites rankings. The latest ones also brings about certain changes in the way marketers use different strategies and techniques to make sites rank higher. One thing however is quite clear Google is increasing its vigilance on the quality of content presented and wants it to be completely irrelevant and useful for the viewers. Also, it is tightening its noose on SEO Black Hat techniques!

So move over large and established websites that have been rolling on thin quality content and still dominating the markets! Small and medium-sized websites by all indications are now going to enjoy their time under the sun. Because…..CONTENT RULES!

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