Google penguin update – white hat Vs black hat SEO

One more occasion where we wish to keep you intact and updated with the latest update of Google in form of “Google Penguin Update”. Black and white which represent the clarity of ethical and unethical work in SEO activities. Don’t you think that Panda and Penguin both are black and white in color and hence relate more transparency in search engine algorithms for Black Hat and white Hat SEO?

Have you seen any drastic change in your analytics statistics in last few weeks? It might be in terms of increase or decrease of traffic. Google is continuously fighting against web spam to improve search quality of SERPs.

Google penguin update was released on 24thApril 2012. This algorithm change is targeting web spam to increase search quality. Penguin effect is targeting specially to “Over Optimized Websites”. The basic intention of this update is to penalize the web spam websites. It is focused on over optimization and rather than SEO. This new “Search Engine Landmark“ for over optimization of websites is given the name of “Google Penguin Update” by Google authority. This update is not a large update but it is more precise and accurate update for over optimization – web spamming.

Google Penguin Update Effect

The penguin update is targeting the website engaged in Black Hat SEO and over optimization. Google has specified in an official blog that.

“we’re launching an important algorithm change targeted at webspam. The change will decrease rankings for sites that we believe are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. We’ve always targeted webspam in our rankings, and this algorithm represents another improvement in our efforts to reduce webspam and promote high quality content.”

Remedy for Google Penguin Effect

The simplest method to identify if your website is affected by Google penguin update is to check your Google Analytic Statistics. If you found variation in regular traffic of it considerably, you can point a needle of doubt to Google penguin effect.  The effect will be in form of higher or lower traffic and hence the effect will be positive or negative for your website.

As this update is punishing the website occupied with over optimization, Black Hat SEO and web spam, avoid doing any tactics that is against of Google guidelines to rank higher.

  • Add your keyword in natural way in the content. Don’t try to place keywords forcefully. Reader should enjoy reading your content and the follow of the content should be managed. Don’t put irrelevant keywords on the page.
  • The days are gone when more back-links weighted more. More links means more visitors to your website. The back-links should be come from relevant websites. Increase quality links to the website.
  • Avoid duplicate content on the website. If you found more than one web page is similar with other page or pages, merge the pages to reduce duplication. Redirect the URLs that open with different more than one URLs. You can use 301 redirects too.
  • When you are targeting country specific users, Use top-level domains. Specify your preferred domain in Webmaster account.
  • Put canonical tags and notify Google the original page to reduce duplicate content issues.
  • You should be very careful about your anchor tags. Try to make anchor text in natural way. Avoid creating multiple pages with duplicate or more similar content, sub domains or domains with duplicate content.  Be careful when doing internal linking. Be consistent with””
    and “″ means you have to consider above both links as a single link.

Hit by penguin by mistake

We have a quick remedy for Google penguin effect penalization in form of below link:

This is the link which helps you to inform Google that you are punished by mistake and you are genuinely not guilty.

At the end I want to suggest SEO Experts that create quality website and follow Google quality guidelines.  Employ only white hat SEO and increase user experience of your website.

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