Guide to propel your Facebook organic reach

Evergreen content lasts on Facebook

As in every sphere of life, evergreen quotes, movies, songs, costumes etc. are liked and admired by everyone irrespective of its creation date. Similarly in this platform evergreen post that carries eternal freshness gets boost and Google’s ranking. The life of a Facebook post News Feed is based on its freshness. If you are posting evergreen content, then it will easily engage your audience for a longer time. It will motivate them to like it for a long time. Of course, it will get shared further and will keep appearing in feeds for longer periods.

Post on right time

Understanding the right time when should you post on Facebook is of the essence when it comes to reaching your audiences. Several studies indicate that the ideal time for posting on Facebook is 5 PM during weekdays. Ideally, I would suggest posting at 3-4 PM as it receives maximum clicks. You must search out when your audiences are online. You can try posting in the off-peak time between 6 PM to 8 AM when most of your audiences are online. This will increase your chance of coming in the feed as competitor Facebook pages are not posting in these hours. This too can work for you.

Irrespective of posts, regard your audience’s preferences

You must understand your audience’s preferences. Only videos, post or images will not work always. At time photos can work and often just a video. Although links have actually worked well for increasing traffic but it is not always applicable for all. You need to understand the choice of your audience before coming to a conclusion. Don’t forget the choice of your audience may change with time. You must also study this and prepare yourself to come up with their expectations. Better analyse your data from Facebook Insights and try coming to a conclusion on the kind of posts that goes well with the audience. Once you have found this out, try adding value to such types of content that your audience would admire.

Quality videos are great performers on Facebook

Facebook receives 100 million video views regularly since June 2014. It itself speaks volumes about the popularity of videos on Facebook. But ensure your video plays silently and have the quality that can capture attentions even on mute. To push your video viewers, you can also put a call-to-action button leading to your landing page or page of your choice. In addition, you can also add your video in your blog posts. This will offer a great multimedia experience to your audiences and thus, increase their engagement on your Facebook posts.

Keep trial and error in posting frequency

Several large media houses like the telegraph, The New York Times etc. publish a large quantity of content regularly, which they also promote aggressively on Facebook. From these sites you can learn few things that can help you reach a wider spectrum of audiences in terms of posting frequency:

  • Limit posting 2-3 times everyday
  • You can even post more frequently if you’ve global audience.
  • Aim at posting high-end content coupled with humor, education and inspiration.
  • You can also post a variety of content more frequently to attract your audiences.
  • Test your Facebook page frequency; it will disclose your audience’s responses.
Associate with other Facebook pages in your domain

You can also collaborate with similar Facebook pages in your niche with a large following to post links to your landing page. This will also get a great deal of organic and qualified traffic to your business. But to get the best results you must strike the deals with those pages that are having millions of likes. It will get you nearly ten thousand fans on your landing page.

Stay connected with email subscribers

Your email subscribers are one of your major repositories of audiences. This will help you garner hundreds of comments and shares on your blog posts that you write. Just mail them, indicating about your new post. Just start adding Facebook share buttons within your email newsletters. For this, you need to create an HTML version of your email and develop custom code for the share buttons. Now you are ready to convince and convert your email subscribers by sending them your status updates simultaneously. This will surely boost the number of likes and shares on your post and, thus, the engagement also on your Facebook.

Convince your audience to turn on notification

This trick can also boost your audience engagement drastically increasing in your FB page’s organic traffic. Just ask and convince your user and audiences to click on “Get Notifications” button on your Facebook page. This will help them get the notification for every update that you make on your Facebook page. This trick can only work if you have a great rapport with your fans and you don’t post frequently.

Don’t use more than 2 hashtags

Hashtags are one of the major features on Facebook since 2013. Have you used it to trigger your traffic on your posts? If not you can use it but it has been studied and established that using more than 2 hashtags can decrease the interactions and engagements. So restrict your use only up to 2.

How and what pushed Facebook’s organic reach decline is not known to anyone. But, it can be assumed that it could be due to fierce competition in the news feed and quantity of promotional posts. So, for you, it’s time to introspect and get started with testing some of the tricks that have been shared in this post. Now, have a look at the Facebook Insights and evaluate your data. You will surely get to know where and how you have work harder to increase your organic reach on Facebook. Or else you can also hire a reliable social media marketing service provider for increasing your Facebook organic traffic.

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