Paytm wallet integration using Swift 2.1

We have been working on a mobile app where we need to integrate Paytm wallet into iOS. Generally, It is not a big deal when you use default iOS SDK but the challenge here was to integrate Paytm wallet in Swift 2.1. It becomes bit complex when you convert the code from Objective-C into Swift 2.1. Here is how we have achieved the result.

Paytm accepts the payment in 3 easy steps with Paytm Wallet. First customer needs to select Paytm wallet than he needs to sign into his Paytm account and complete the payment without any further redirections or failed transactions. The Paytm Payments SDK for iOS and Android enables merchants to integrate payments into their mobile app. The components involved in the general payment transaction are Order processing, Merchant Application, Paytm SDK, Merchant’s Web Server and Payment Gateway etc.

iOS payment gateway integration uses objective – C as a default programming language. The biggest challenge for us was to convert that objective – C codes into Swift 2.1 codes. We have started the process taking the reference of the online Paytm wallet integration guide. When we got stuck in some of the technical errors, we took the help of the experts from various development forums. We discussed the Swift 2.1 Paytm Integration Issue on Stackoverflow forum. We researched various technical aspects and after many failures, we have developed the Paytm wallet integration code in iOS using the Swift 2.1.

Converting objective – c code into Swift 2.1 has been the challenge for many coders. That is the reason why we have decided to make the things easy for fellow developers. Here you can download the Zip of Paytam wallet integration code using swift 2.1.

Also, don’t miss to share it among your coding buddies to make the things easier when it comes to Paytm wallet swift integration.

Download Paytm wallet swift integration code

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