Improve UI UX Of Your Website to Increase Conversions

What is UI/UX Design?

The User-Interface (UI) design enhances the user experience (UX) when browsing a website. Everything you see on a website (‘Search Bar’ or other buttons) that enables you to perform a task is considered to be the UI design. The UX stands for ‘user experience’. It is the process of researching/creating/refining every aspect of a user’s interaction with a company. UX designers make sure that people find value when interacting with a brand’s products or services. Hence, it is crucial to improve UI UX design of a website for the success of any business.

“Great user experience means more conversion. Remember, people will forget what you did but will never forget how you made them feel.”

Importance of UI/UX Design

Importance of UI/UX Design

The main aim of any business is to increase its sales in order to ensure steady growth. The UX and UI designs play vital roles in helping various companies or brands achieve this goal. Discover what are the differences between UI and UX designs.

Following are the Five Fundamental Components of UI/UX Design

  • Usability
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing

To build a brand’s value and reputation, it is crucial for businesses to emphasize a user’s satisfaction. The researched, updated, and relevant UX/UI designs can effectively grab the consumers’ attention and can significantly enhance user experience leading to improved ROI.

“How to enhance user experience that leads to improved ROI? Get your UI/UX Design on point!”

Important UI Design Elements

Important UI Elements

The elements of User Interface, and UI design elements are the parts that designers use for the development of apps or websites. The UI elements fall into the following categories, such as –

“Experiences matter in this digital world. UI interface elements that are enticing, get you conversion.”

Input Controls: They allow users to input specific information into the system, such as a country’s name or date of birth.

Informational Components: These components are used to share information with users.

Navigation Components: These elements help users smoothly move around a website/app.

Containers: These elements hold related or similar contents together.

Important UX Elements

The elements of User Experience and UX elements determine how a website looks or performs. These elements influence every aspect of users’ experience and also determine what functions users allow. The vital UX elements are –

  • Surface Plane
  • Skeleton Plane
  • Structure Plane
  • Scope Plane
  • Strategy Plane

The designers use these five planes to deliver a conceptual framework in order to talk about the users’ experiences/problems. The UX designers also use these tools to resolve the issues.

“Never neglect UX elements. They are indispensable to get a tick besides-website look, credibility, performance, user experience, and trust.”

User Experience (UX) Audit

The UX design audit is a process or a collection of methods/tools/skills that designers use to evaluate and analyze how users interact with any website. UX designers use the researched data/facts in order to make informed decisions or recommendations. UX designers can use this data to optimize a website’s functionality which leads to improved ROI.

“UX Design Audit is a great way to know what is working and what is not for your user interaction.”

UI/UX Design Process

UI/UX Design Process

The UI UX design process is performed in three different stages –

  • The UX designers research a company’s target audience
  • They understand a company’s goals and analyze how the goals impact the users
  • They use innovative, novel, and ingenious ideas to create a unique and enjoyable user experience.

The UX designers create an array of solutions in order to resolve the issues that users may be facing. The design prototypes for the users to test and put the most effective solution in place.

“A perfectly executed process that ultimately leads to a peculiar and enjoyable user experience.”

Important UX Design Tools

The UX and UI designers use various design software applications in order to create a unique, attractive and highly functional website within a specified timeline without compromising the quality.

“Pick the optimal tool for a unique, creative and highly functional website because good design is good business.”

Drawing and Prototyping

Planning Tools

Converting Tools

Testing Tools

Enhanced User-Experience for Higher Conversion

The conversion rate for any merchant site is the percentage of time that consumers convert on an offer. It directly impacts a company’s sales. Hence, the higher conversion rate leads to better ROI. Alongside the sales, webinar registrations and email signups can help businesses learn about the percentage of lead-generation results. The designers may judiciously use the UX Design tools to increase a merchant site’s conversion rate along with the ROI.

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Improved Navigation for Better Conversion Rate

A recent online survey revealed that improving a website’s navigation may increase the conversion rate by 18.5%. Your website may stand out amidst the crowd of thousands of other merchant sites catering to similar services/products. However, you may lose a large number of potential clients if they experience difficulty navigating through your website and leave the site.

“If your visitors are unable to use the website and navigate around to find what they are looking for; you lose the game and that’s a big NO.”

White Space Increases Conversion Rate

It is a proven point that White Space increases click-through rates, as it allows the viewers to read/scan any data on a web page without the background clutter. Therefore, keeping adequate ‘White Space’ on a website actually generates more leads and improves a merchant site’s conversion rate.

“White space is a valuable element. It can transform not only your design but also your business.”

Persuasive CTA for Improved Conversion

The effective Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons deliver simple directive statements that give prospective clients the direction about where to go next or instructions about what to do next. With relevant, comprehensible, catchy, and simple CTA buttons, the UX designers can appeal to the consumers’ varying requirements and can guide them into the sales funnel.

“CTA is a mighty button. Because you are inviting a response!”

Improved Page Speed for Better Conversion

If your website takes longer than 3-4 seconds to load, your users will leave your website and you will have an unusually high bounce rate. If you want to improve your user experience, you need to improve page speed. So even if you have some great products and deals to offer, your customers will never be able to see them because of the slow page speed.

“Slow speed kills conversion-2 second delay in page load time and bounce rate up by more than 100%!”

Bulleted Points to Improve Conversion

The bulleted points can greatly improve the viewers’ readability. The UX designers may use bullet points to outline the benefits of the products/services. The highlighted data can effectively persuade the viewers to invest and can increase the conversion rate. The bulleted points have been found to improve the 15%-16% conversion rate in various merchant sites.

High-Quality Images to Improve Conversion

It is not enough to upload a high-quality image on a web page in order to improve the conversion rate. It is equally important to give a product’s picture from various angles. It leads to a better understanding of the viewers and can increase the conversion rate. It is equally essential to give viewers the ability to zoom into a picture in order to visualize the details.

“Some basic psychology: ‘Such a good quality image on site! The product they offer could be of high quality as well. Let me click’. There; your conversion rate goes soring!”

Persuasive Headlines to Improve Conversion

The headlines that trigger curiosity or connect to the viewers on an emotional level can significantly increase the conversion rate. The CRO experts also believe that headlines that start with numbers can more effectively convert viewers. A recent survey also revealed that headlines with a number can increase the conversion rate by 30% when used judiciously.

“On average 8 out of 10 will just read the Headline. The better your headline, the more your conversion rate.”

Noticeable Hyperlink differentiation for Improved Conversion

When using hyperlink differentiation to increase conversion, it is prudent to stick to the well-tested methods that generated results for the best outcome. The UX designers may use easily noticeable colours or other visual cues to effectively direct the readers to the intended web page.

Website page consistency

To maximize the viewers’ experience on a web page, it is crucial to maintain consistency between heading sizes/colouring/spacing/illustration styles/photos/button styles/design elements/font choices. The viewers may feel confused or lost with drastic changes in the design which may lead to decreased conversion rate. Hence, the consistent formatting of the web pages leads to higher conversion.

“Focus on consistent formatting. It is the key to maximising viewers’ experience on a web page.”

Motion and animation

Motion and Animation for Conversion

Animation is important because it enables us to tell stories and communicate emotions and ideas in a unique, easy-to-perceive way that both small children and adults can understand. Animation has helped connect people throughout the world in a way that sometimes writing and live-action films cannot.

“Nearly 50% of Internet users look for videos related to products or services before purchasing. Tell your story via animation. Do the magic that sometimes writing and live-action films can’t do.”


The success of any online business or website depends upon the satisfaction of the viewers. A well-crafted UX Design that offers smooth navigation, relevant information and a coherent experience to the viewers can help the website grow whether it is a blogging site, an e-commerce site or any other type of website. In this digital era, it is crucial to improve a website’s UX/UI design with experts’ assistance in order to maximize viewers’ experience.

“A higher conversion rate means a greater return on investment. And the roadmap to this is user experience.”

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