Instagram ads are now more flexible and easy to optimize

Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users and 75% among those users are from outside the USA. People post more than 80 million photos every day and more than 3.5 billion photos get liked daily. The numbers show that Instagram has grown as a huge opportunity for the marketers that people love to use in their daily routine. The company has launched lots of ad products for business in recent past. Recently Instagram has announced on the business blog that any business across the globe can easily run the ad campaign on the platform now. But they can also strategically target the reach to solve the dedicated business objectives.

Instagram announced on the business blog, “By optimizing for reach & frequency, advertisers can manage the number of people they reach with their Instagram ads and how frequently the ads are shown. To make media planning and buying even easier, advertisers can also control the reach and frequency of campaigns across Instagram and Facebook.

Every advertiser around the globe can run the ad campaign now. Not only that, Instagram now lets you easily control the reach and frequency of your advertisements. You can decide who will see your ads and how frequently they will see the ad. This feature helps you showcase your ad in front of the right audience at the right time that increases the conversion possibilities.

Lance Neuhauser, CEO at 4C has seen huge success with this reach and frequency buying feature. “We’re bullish on reach & frequency buying through Instagram. We’ve already seen strong demand and success on Instagram with brand advertisers given the engaging nature of the platform. It’s right up there with TV in terms of visual impact so running campaigns using apples-to-apples metrics makes a lot of sense.” – Lance Neuhauser, CEO at 4C

Along with this, Instagram has made buying its most successful ads format ‘Carousel Ads’ broadly available for the advertisers. Instagram has extended the ability to buy carousel ads through its self-serve interfaces like the Ads API, Power Editor, and Ads Manager. Carousel Ads is the most successful multi-photo ad type that lets marketer use up to five still images in a single ad. Users can swipe through the images that give them a virtual magazine like experience. Since its launch in June, Carousel Ads has driven additional 2.5 point lift in ad recall. Advertisers can buy this high performing ads through the self-serve interface and customize the campaign offsite like to drive the maximum return.

Instagram has also made it very easy to set up, run and track the campaign performance. Advertiser can set up the Instagram ad campaign through Facebook’s Ads Manager. This allows advertisers to manage all Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns from the one single dashboard. Advertisers will get the access of these updates in next few weeks. Instagram is clearly observing more and more mobile advertisers by providing more flexibility and targeting capabilities on the platform. Are you using Instagram for your business promotion? If not, get started now. Instagram ads can give you an edge over your competitors to seize better sales in this holiday season.

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