Instagram announced updates in company advertising policy

Instagram has announced the update in the company advertising policies on Wednesday 09th September 2015. The Photo Sharing Network has made some serious announcement that will help them generate more revenue from Advertising. Instagram Ads are now officially available in 30 more countries including India, South Korea, Spain, Italy and Mexico etc.  Advertisers will be able to run video ads up to 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds. All this videos will play any dimensions. Facebook owned photo sharing social network has also updated the e-commerce options from the feed. All large and small-scale advertisers will be able to easily run and manage their advertising campaign using Facebook advertising technology and interface.

Instagram has announced on the official business blog that they are opening Instagram Ads in 30 more countries for all small and big business advertisers. There are more than 300 million users registered with this photo-sharing network. Every user will be able to see the ads by the end of September 2015. This facilitates the huge audience reach for the advertisers. Instead of dealing with big brands only, Instagram has also enabled the ads feature for all businesses now.

The most exciting announcement of the update is that Instagram now allows the video ads up to 30 seconds. Instagram has recently started featuring landscape and portrait mode photos and videos in the App. 30 seconds video ads with landscape mode will attract many television advertisers. You can expect to see a lot more television commercials on your feed with this update now. 30 seconds video feature is available for the Advertisers only; for non-advertisers Video length is still limited up to 15 seconds only.

Instagram has introduced the ‘Shop Now’ ads to promote the ecommerce actions. As a part of another important update, Instagram is offering more actionable advertisement options now. The company is now offering the ads with ‘Install Now’, ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Know More’ options. Clicking on any of such button will drive user out of the application and complete the action. Advertisers are seeing some really encouraging results of the test so far. Gilt Group’s campaign has noticed 85% increase in the app installs.

Instagram is a place where people come for the visual inspiration and ideas. Advertisers will be able to reach their targeted audience using the powerful ad infrastructure and advanced features of Instagram.

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