Local ranking change: Google maps Bomb Fix or An Algorithm Update


SEOs and Local experts are noticing a major shift in location-based search queries in Google Maps. There has been some issue with Google maps of showing inappropriate search results for some search queries. They have apologized and solve the issue. But still local search result is highly affected by the updates.

Last week has been very busy for the local SEO experts. They have noticed drastic changes in the local search results in the last couple of days. At first glance, it looks like Google has done the major update in their local search algorithm. That has shifted the search result. It could be the update in Google Pigeon Algorithm, causing the ranking changes. At the same time there is also another thing happening to Google maps during the week.

There has been issues with Google Map search since last weekend. Google Maps was showing inappropriate results for some offensive search queries. Google has apologized for the Google Maps Googlebomb racist result and solved the issue. Though the issue is solved, but location results are still screwy for some of the queries. Especially, there is some issue in sensing current location while searching. Even if you properly set your current location, you couldn’t find the proper location results. Another Webmaster Linda Buquet said in a local search forum that current map search results are more national organic and less localized organic.

Many webmasters have asked for the reason. Is there any major algorithm update (Google Pigeon Update) or Google Maps Googlebomb fix led to this? Automated tools Mozcast show the ranking shift since 15th, but there was not any discussion about such change till 23rd – 24th when Google apologized for the maps issue.

Google said in apology – “We’ve started to update our ranking system to address the majority of these searches—this will gradually roll out globally and we’ll continue to refine our systems over time.” Webmasters have noticed another major ranking change yesterday both in local results in web search and Maps search. As Google said in apology, many believe that this change is the result of the Google fixing the Googlebomb issue. But Google has denied declaring anything about the reason for ranking changes.

Whether Google confirms it or not, Google Maps Bomb Fix has surely impacted the local search results for web and Maps searches. Have you noticed any ranking shift for location-specific search terms? What could be the reason for the local ranking update? Is it due to Google Maps Bomb Fix or any local search algorithm update?

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