New WordPress has a new home on your Dock

This new open sourced project streamlines the brand new way you manage your sites. The new features a fully responsive design philosophy so that you can update pages, respond to your comments, and manage all blogs and sites from one spot through any device. This gives you fast and complete access to your sites with real time update.

The new desktop app for Mac is quite similar to the website, but still it provides great advantage for managing your sites. The desktop app allows you to spend less time on managing and uploading contents, photos, and finding the best content on WordPress. It also enables the notification on Mac dock whenever you received an update or message. The new and desktop app include previously launched features like new editor, improved stat pages and a new reader that are rocking the Internet.

The fresh blog published by Michelle W. on the WordPress News states that: “Open source is the most powerful idea of our generation. I’m proud to take our intellectual property crown jewels and open Calypso up to the world for the community to hack on, play with, poke, prod, and extend and make their own. This is the same spirit of sharing which has allowed WordPress to become a de facto web operating system over the past decade. It may take time, but open will win over closed every time.”

JetPack Plug-in

Along with the previous tools new editor, state page and reader, the jetpack plug-in is also updated. With the updated jetpack plug-in, users are able to operate the WordPress sites as well as self hosted sites more effectively and easily. These updates will have for both website and desktop app. As the website has updated tools, desktop app will have them also.The desktop app is also well equipped with the updated features that enable users to create better opportunity for publishing content and replying to comments. The app is also having performance site backups and many other features that allow users to work festinate and with ease. No matter how many sites you connect, you can easily manage and update all your sites. You can even turn on auto updates, so you will never miss any critical update. It also helps the users to keep their WordPress sites safe and secure from threats and hacks. WordPress also open sourced its code for jetpack plug-in at GitHub, so that every developer can get benefits from this latest update.


When you want to do some browsing at your own,’s readers allow you to discover talented writers, artists and photographers across the WordPress world. It helps you to discover new sites, like them and follow them with complete ease.

Drag and drop images

With this new update, WordPress completely changes the way you interact with your sites. Now you can drag and drop your images into the content. You can even select a group of images to quickly create a beautiful gallery with a range of layout options at your finger tips. It also provides image optimization to its users. All the images that are shared on WordPress are optimized across the Global media service. So that your images can load faster than ever while maintaining the details at the same time.


With the new, not only managing content becomes easy, but the sharing it with the world becomes even easier. You can easily connect your site with your different social media accounts just by clicking their respective buttons. So whenever you publish any content, it will be displayed to your selected social Media platforms automatically.

Introducing the New

So, let your content rolling on with the latest and interesting features of new and WordPress for Mac. You can even subscribe to be notified when the windows and Linux versions are released.

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