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Google has worked with many brands like Samsung, Acer, LG, Lenovo and ASUS for the same product. Google has announced in March that they are upgrading the device quality and affordability in collaboration with ASUS. ASUS Chromebook Flip is world’s first 10” convertible high-end Chromebook with ultra thin and extremely lightweight hardware.

Product history and overview

ASUS has announced in April this year that they are going to make the hybrid version of the Chromebook. They have finally launched the ASUS Chromebook Flip and that has amazed the tech world. As the name suggests, you can flip the device up to 360 degrees. It is also the first 10” device that can be used as both laptop or tablet device, thanks to its touch sensitive display. As Google has promised they have made the device affordable too. ASUS Chromebook Flip is one of the cost-effective devices with the same features. Attractive design, efficient working, Google Chrome OS; all these you can get at just $249. It is a fairly nice deal to own a device that can assist you as per your requirements and preferences. The touch screen of the latest Chromebook is also featured with the handwriting recognition. That gives you the flexibility to write on the screen and device will automatically recognize the matter and convert it into the normal text.  The best thing about the device is that it gives you the 10 hours of battery life for moderate usage.

Technical specifications

Asus Chromebook Flip is powered with the “Rockchio 3288-C, 1.8GHz quad-core ARM” CPU. With the high-end processor, it gives the decent performance. Chromebook Flip comes with default 4GB RAM that improves the processing speed compared to other devices having 2GB RAM. Multitasking doesn’t affect the working speed due to empowered 4GB RAM. It also gives you the internal storage of 16GB and external support of 64GB via MicroSD card. It never gets heated or noisy while working. It remains impressively cool and silent.

Hardware functionalities

Chromebook Flip has the 10.1-inch HD IPS touch screen that can be rotated till 360-degree. It is made of aluminum that makes it light in weight (0.89 KG) yet stubborn and resistant. Chromebook Flip has the very close key structure due to its narrow frame. But when it is used as the tablet, track pad is excellent and smooth to touch and precise when it comes to writing. The device has the physical power and volume buttons for the Chrome OS. It also has the USB 2.0 ports, Micro HDMI port, MicroSD Card slot and Headphone jack on the right side.

Reasons that make the Chromebook Flip a smart choice
  1. The prime reason that makes people buy the device is its lowest price. It is very difficult to find the alternative of the features that Chromebook offers at just $249.
  2. Chromebook really don’t slow down the system as an application installation and uninstallation is to be done via the web browser extensions.
  3. Music lovers can listen over 20 thousand songs provided by Google play music for FREE. You don’t even need to store it, you can directly access the music to Google cloud.
  4. The best feature of the Chromebook is that you can sign in with your Gmail account and it will automatically sync your Chrome terms, settings, bookmarks and everything you have stored with your Google Email.

Asus Chromebook Flip will be available soon at Google Store, Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, Walmart and Office DEPOT. You also can have your piece of this stylish, efficient, High-end and first ever 10” convertible Chromebook from here.

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