Six reasons your small business should be using Instagram

Instagram has been one of the most talked about platforms and has been picked up by most businesses for their top digital marketing priorities.

Here in this piece we have talked about this platform and the reasons that have taken this social networking platform to next level of success and branding.

Let’s find out how you can leverage the photo-based social network to promote and present your brand and business in front of a new audience and foster your following!

Why use Instagram?

Here are some most relevant reasons that can help you understand the power of Instagram:

Fastest growing & most popular image-driven social network

Facebook has levelled and Instagram is the buzz and currently growing faster than all other available social networks – this is what a study by the Pew Research Center declares about social media approach in 2014.

Being in the business, it’s important to stay ahead of the competition and resilient enough to adapt to changes in terms of consumer trends.

The entire economy and especially marketing industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in social media usage due to the millennial users, which is currently shifting from Facebook towards Instagram. It is expected to engulf the next generation of adult consumers also when it comes to branding as today’s shift is going to influence the future consumers.

Visual marketing platform

Today’s consumers are more inclined toward rich media (photos and videos). In recent years, visual marketing has seen a vast expansion in terms of digital marketing, and the most appealing and the best place to focus your digital marketing efforts is on Instagram.

It revolves around rich media – photos and videos. This is a perfect visual marketer’s dream platform. You can use this platform to visually convince users to try your product or service by clearly demonstrating the benefits of the services and products using amazing visual images.

Coupled with useful advanced photo editing tools

Instagram is also packed with latest photo editing tools for businesses to customize their photos and videos and making it as enticing as possible. It can immensely help small and medium-sized enterprises that do not have the budget to hire professional photographer and marketing campaigns professional.

Develops an identity for your brand

Videos and photos are meant to influence users’ emotions more than simple text posts. Instagram is the best place to display a specific persona of your brand and business to make it a brand. It gives an opportunity to help talk about what your brand stands for and why people should bother and listen about it.

Targeting geological audiences

This platform has the ability to geotag your posts that help local businesses to reach out local target audiences easily. You can tag your photo or video in Instagram with the location. This helps nearby users to discover your content easily even if they are not your follower on Instagram.

This will give the opportunity to local users to come to know about your brand and services when they will view posts based on the tagged location of the post and may want to visit your business and become your follower on Instagram.

Expand business using #hashtags

You can also share a photo or video in Instagram after writing a short description, which you can curate around a specific theme or hashtag. If anyone searches for that particular hashtag they can view your contents and videos. Being a mobile-first platform, Instagram is designed for smartphones and tabs and recently it has become possible to search photos by hashtag also. This has added value to its usefulness.

How to use Instagram?

Posting content on Instagram can engage your followers and develop a kinship with your business. It assists in expanding your reach, developing loyalty, and generate future sales. Do you know what kinds of photos is Instagram meant to share?

Of course, something related to your business. You can display your products in a new and creative way. In addition, you must understand how to use Instagram for your brand identity! Let’s have a quick overview!

Understand and adapt the latest trends

Prior to starting posting content, you need to streamline a rough strategy for the type of videos and images you must share. There is very little room to be spontaneous. Adapting the latest trend and responding to the great news stories, industry updates and trending hashtags can be the best way to engage your followers.

Build your own community

You can follow like-minded people or brands that are related to your industry. You can follow and post comments on other users’ photos. In addition, you can also contribute to the interaction and become a part of the community.

Reward your followers

Who doesn’t want to be rewarded and get noticed? You can create this buzz by announcing the flash sale or limited offer to your audiences. Occasionally provide Instagram-only discount codes that can attract your followers and they will keep following you every day for your latest feeds.

Instagram can be treated as the most advanced and creative way to build and enjoy your brand and bring people closer to your business by displaying your persona and creativity. It is equally easy to create an account in seconds and develop an imaginative marketing strategy to get started. So be aware of the latest trends that are popping up every now and then and you would never lag behind when it comes to market your brand.

Hope this would have given you a fair idea about using Instagram the best way! Use these tips and watch out the results.

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