Social media marketing best practices for 2015

Salesforce Marketing has done a market research about the 2015 online marketing strategies for different companies. They have polled 5,035 global marketing professionals and discussed their marketing strategies and budgetary planning for 2015. Here is the interesting findings of the poll that reveals the importance of social media marketing and mobile dominance in 2015.

According to the 2015 state of marketing report, 70% of the global marketing professionals are planning to increases their spending on Social Media Advertising and Social Media Marketing. That means whether it will be paid or organic; social media marketing is going to play a crucial role in digital marketing strategy for 2015. Further analyzing the report, overall 67% marketers are willing to spend more on social engagement. Location based mobile tracking is also the key tactic that marketing professionals are looking for. 67% marketers are looking to invest in location based mobile tracking. Here is the chart showing the marketers interest and budget planning for 2015.

We can see from the chart that the Social Media and Mobile Advertising is going to crack the online advertising competition in 2015. According to 70% online professionals mobile advertising is critical for product and service marketing and 64 % believed the same about the Social Media Marketing. When social media is having such a huge impact on digital marketing; it is essential to identify the most preferred social media platform by the global marketers. The chart shows the social media marketing channels used by the marketers and their effectiveness.

Facebook is undoubtedly the most preferred social media platform for business promotion, used by 80% marketers and 73% among them considered it as a most effective social media channel. Twitter is second in the list (70% Use, 68% confident about its effectiveness), third is LinkedIn (62%, 69%), Google+ on the fourth rank (56%, 69%) and YouTube is at fifth position (56%, 68%). If you didn’t get the desired results with social media marketing campaign in 2014, it is the perfect time to plan social media strategy that sum up the online advertising success for your business. You need to be perfect from the basics if you are seeking for the long-term success. These are the four most essential social media marketing tips to dive in to SMO campaign for 2015.

Understand your targeted audience

You are using Facebook for business promotion just because you are comfortable with this platform or you prefer using Twitter because you have found that it is the most growing social media platform. If you are doing so, then you are making the biggest mistake. You are never going to get success like this unless your targeted audience also prefers the same social media platform (though possibilities are least). First, identify your targeted audience, what social media platform they prefer to use and what kind of posts they like the most? You should strategize your campaign once you properly understand your audience. Understanding the targeted audience and their interest areas is the first and most important aspect of any social media marketing campaign.

Consistency is the key

Gradually sharing useful content for users to keep them interested to visit your profile again and again. That doesn’t always mean you have to create a unique piece of content and share that only. You can also share other users’ content and the industry news. Always try to be the source of news and industry updates to get maximum following on social media. Consistency is the key to keep people engaged with your profile. Nobody likes to be in touch with someone who is uncertain with social activities. Scheduling the posts according to the active hours of your targeted audience can incredibly boost the social media engagement. You can use various social media tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule the posts.

Be Social and Never force your audience

Social Media Marketing is all about being social on the web and engaging the audience in an effective manner. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or whatever the other platform you are using,  it will not drive you the results if you will not actively engage with the audience. Actively engaging with audience includes participating in conversations, asking questions, providing answers of queries and providing the useful resources to industry and most prominently not just tooting your own horn 24/7. Nobody is actually interested to hear where you are good at all the time. Don’t  annoy the audience with unnecessary posts or irrelevant tagging. We have seen lots of brands getting into social snafus with inappropriate use of hashtags and wrong audience targeting in 2014. So let your social profile be audience’s own place and never flood them with the posts targeting your service only.

Precise planning and performance measurement

You may have adopted all the best practices of social media, and still you are not getting success, if you have not organized the campaign precisely. Proper planning is very important. So what are the steps for social media campaign planning? First, identify your targeted audience’s interest and determine the social media platform based on that. Plan your post scheduling (time and frequency). Create and organize the content for sharing. Use different tools to support proper execution of the post schedule. Go through the performance insights and measure the success. Performance measurement is crucial because it gives you the exact idea how your campaign is performing.

So these four are the basic yet most important tips for planning a successful social media marketing campaign. When web world in coming to a mobile device from desktops; as a marketer, you can’t overlook the importance of mobile optimized social media marketing strategy.

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