Take a progressive lead with Push Monkey web push notification by KrishaWeb

Push notifications are the proven way to increase the user engagement for any website. According to recent user engagement reports, you can increase the click-through rate by 4 times or more using creative push notifications. This tends to be so effective because you send the notifications based upon the personal user data and the receivers love such relevant and useful information tailored for them.

We are glad to introduce the best solution to deliver the kind of push notification you want for your website. Push Monkey is the push notification plugin by KrishaWeb that lets you show the customized push notifications to your website users. It is one of the most effective ways to send push notifications irrespective of the device or network connection. Push Monkey WordPress plugin lets you automatically send customized push notifications based on user behavior.


Push Monkey features you’ll fall in love with:


Automatically send desktop and mobile website push notifications


Push Notifications - Automatically send desktop and mobile website notification


Whenever, you will upload a new post, push notification on desktop and mobile will be sent by default. You can always customize the push notification message from the backend.


Zero coding required


Zero coding required - push notification

No coding or configuration is required for the set up of the push notifications. Monkeys will perform their work of pushing notification so you just have to focus on your content and users and nothing else.


Define segments of interest for your subscribers


push notification - define segment of interest for your subscribers


It allows you to seek the interest of your readers as different segment groups will have different interest. Then you can send the notification according to their needs and will able to satisfy them.


Fully native solution


Fully native solution


No additional application or plug-in will be required for the setup and your readers will get to read the notification from your webpage directly.


Automatically send Woo Commerce Abandoned Cart push notifications


Automatically send Woo Commerce Abandoned Cart push notifications

It will also remind people regarding the cart that had been abandoned by them. Therefore, Woocommerce integration will keep reminding the customers about this.




readymade statistics - push notifications

The plugin will provide you with readymade statistics about the number of readers and statistics of their engagement. It will help you to understand your viewers more easily.


Not required any additional app


Not required any additional app

The plugin of Push Monkey notification does not include any requirement of an additional app.

It is a great service that helps the sites to retain their control on the subscribers and keep reminding them about the site. Knowing your audience’s interest and increasing the website engagement was never easy like this. Push Monkey does everything that you need to send the perfect push notification to your online audience.

Download the plugin now and notify your readers about the latest updates with just one click.


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