Tips on using Google+ to promote your own web designing business online

There is no denying of the fact that social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have been the most important platforms till date, where a lot of communication happens. People use such networking platforms to share their personal lives, check out other people’s lives and even for businesses too. However, silently though, Google + is making a wave too, in its own manners, and these days the platform is being used by many for both, personal and professional needs. Since it is a social networking tool, Google+ is now helping individuals expand like never before and rake in the coffers too.

Here are a few tips on how Google+ can make waves for your website design company

  • Set up your Own Web Design Business Page

Google is the boss when it comes to search engines and as a web designer, the first thing on your mind should be, making a decision on your business strategy. You need to spread the word around, and do this using the power of social networking sites. More and more would be acquainted with your ways, and this would help you promote your talents and skills in web designing too.

  • Web Design Business Page Should Be Shared

Now that you have a web design business page, it should be shared across forums and groups, which you know would have customers or goodwill members, willing and waiting to use your talents and services. You never know where guidance can come from; some messiah out there may just recommend you or show you ways to acquire more business and clients too. Request the members to +1 your page and follow it too, and expand slowly. When people in the circle notice what you do, your name would be referred.

  • Have a Strong Presence Online

Go online across various forums and post your page link. This could be across forums, websites, social networking sites and more. There are many who want to Hire Web Designers, if you spread your work, someone would notice you too.

  • Google Plus Pages of Others Should Be Followed

Now that you have your own Google Plus Page, go ahead and look for others with similar interests and follow them. When you expand your website design company, you would want more and more people to know about your skills and talents, and for this following others would help. This would also help you add people to your circles, communicate with the masses and let them check out your work too.

  • Badge, The Google Plus Badge

Post the Google Plus sing up; follow a few steps to make your web presence strong. By adding the Google + badge to your website, you would be noticed as authentic and genuine, by many online. The badge would get your site connected to the Google+ page, and this would be easy for clients who would like to follow you and know your whereabouts too.

Check out what others are doing in the same field, and also comment on their posts too. This would make them curious about your website and your business, and they would surely come over for a sneak peak, and also +1 to your website or business as well.

  • Take Advantage of Rich Media

Audio-visual presentations, videos, photos and more, all of them are rich media, and they should be taken advantage of. This would help gather more momentum and you can also garner attention of the clients, asking them to comment, spread and share the work you have done, with the world out there.

  • Be Unique and Exclusive

The main aim for you to use Google Plus is to ensure you get more business promotion done, and for that you need to be different from what’s out there. This means, you need to be very exclusive, and have a target audience in mind to help you gain the lion’s share of the online world. The work you create should be exclusive and nothing short of that, have samples of your web design displayed and flashed across the internet. This is how people who want to Hire Web designers would notice your work, talents and skills.

Google Plus Pages surely is the new mantra for success online and it is taking the online world one badge at a time. Join the ranks of the famous ones, start from scratch and use Google +, you never know where your talent would be noticed, and by whom.

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