Tumblr Big Update – Revamped writing tools and cleaner interface


Yahoo acquired Tumblr back in May 2013. They have made many changes in interface since then and it has become one of the most loved platforms by users for content sharing. Tumblr currently has more than 420 million active users and more than 220 million blogs. According to Tumblr, it is a big update in an interface that will take around two days to get rolled out completely. They have featured a brand new set of tools for post-writing to make it clean, easy and powerful. Here is the official blog from Tumblr describing the update.

This post is featured for the lengthy post. Writing extended posts and adding media in posts has become more dynamic than before on Tumblr. You can now add Images, Videos or GIFs anywhere in the post. Simply click on the ⊕ symbol to add and attach the media to the post. This new Plus sign interface pop-ups you begin a new line in the post as shown in the GIF below.

This update is basically meant to assist you in better visualising how your post will look when it will be published. “From the moment you make a new post to the moment you actually hit “Post,” everything looks exactly how it’s going to look on the dashboard. There’s nothing standing between you and your work, and all the fancy stuff is only a hover away.” This is what they feel about the new feature Posts look like posts.

Another stand-out feature of the new update is the new toolbar that makes text formatting easy. They have introduced new editing tools that pop up over the selected area instead of using a traditional toolbar. A new pop-up tool makes the text formatting easy and effective as shown in the GIF below.

This new pop-up formatting toolbar looks the same as we have in Medium (A publishing platform created by Twitter co-founders). Though Medium is not in competition with Tumblr in case of active users. Medium has 165 million active users where as Tumblr reported 420 million active users in 2014.

Tumblr has also made minor updates to Android and iOS Apps. All these new features will be rolled out slowly for the whole community. Have you tried the new features of Tumblr? Share your experience with the updated Tumblr interface in the comment box below.

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