7 Best WordPress Plugins To Monetize Your Blog [Free]

Free WordPress Plugins

You have invested $1,000 in creating your blog site and a landing page that leads to your site. Now you need to monetize it for profits, isn’t it? So, where to begin? Read on to find out more.

Beginners and professional webmasters like to monetize their blogs and they seek innovative ways to promote their blog sites. Subsequently, they indulge in a few gimmicks like Ads clicks, online affiliate programs and high/low paid freelancing jobs. What they do not know, a single click WordPress installation can be the turning point in their efforts and put them in the fifth gear in the digital marketing landscape.


Be Proactive to Earn Money- Choose Free WordPress Plug-ins

Online affiliate marketing, blogging, site monetization, and advertisement programs are conducive to generating a comfortable income. However, if you want to move beyond the comfort zone for an enhanced ROI, WordPress plug-ins can create greater opportunities to attract traffic to your blog site or e-commerce store. Activate the WordPress plug-in tools in your website and start your journey towards generating greater revenues and profits.


Earn through Advertisement –Use WP QUADS Plug-in

WPQuads Plugin

Quick Adsense renews the performance of a website by accelerating its technical potential and visibility. Opt for the WP QUADS version to boost data sharing capability and stronger product promotion. This multifunctional WordPress plug-in enables a webmaster to reset text and manage advertisement display at suitable positions on your website. WP QUADS enables you to create responsive advertisements and AMP supported ads with features like multi-language support and data export/import. This plug-in supports Google AdSense network.


Sell Digital Products through EDD

Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

Are you keen to sell digital content like images, photos, pdf files, and videos? Choose Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) for seamless e-sales. This software is focused at entrepreneurs need to build a profitable business on a shoe-string budget.

With EDD, you track your regular marketing, business promotion, and product sales. Monitor the progress in the volume of digital product sales. Finally, the international wireless money transfer process is available free on EDD platform. Get payments via Paypal, Graphicfy and Amazon Payment gateways. Free trials will bring better visualization to your website monetization.


Sumo – Free Tools to Automate Your Site Growth

Sumo plugin

Need to build and organize a huge customer list for your affiliate marketing business? Use Sumo to organize emails for faster and productive affiliate marketing, blogging and sales of products from your website. Don’t buy expensive third-party tools or jailbroken software for completing email list building. Sumo is now an awe-inspiring tool for global visitors. It assists bloggers and online affiliate/webmasters/professional site designers to keep in touch with customers. Highlighter, scroll bar, and live chat features of Sumo are unforgettable. To enhance the non-stop engagement of online clients to visit the website, online entrepreneurs must think of the installation of free Sumo WordPress plug-in toolkit.


ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

ThirstyAffiliates Plugin

Today, affiliates have beautiful lives to enjoy as they have built a powerful affiliate marketing niche. They compete with other IT sectors in terms of career building. From home, an affiliate controls his mobile responsive website to start his business vigorously. Certainly, he doesn’t deny ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager. It is a much valuable WordPress machine to refurbish the online affiliate marketing field. Apply this virtual system to keep dollars earing from anywhere. It simplifies the URL link classification and data management. It prevents the link bugging, resists the bullying and scamming. It is now a well-known WordPress plug-in software in the world.


WP Product Review Lite

WP product review Lite plugin

Today, product reviewing and site evaluation become an indispensable part of running a successful e-commerce site. About 85% of buyers prefer short reviews to read before making an online purchase. WP Product Review Lite is an advanced WordPress plugin the toolkit. It helps to curate review posts on your WordPress website, adds genuine ratings, allows discussion of the pros and cons of the product/service in a tabulated format. Further, you can add the purchase button to allow consumers to buy products/services easily. This plug-in works all screen sizes.


Paid Membership Pro

Paid Membership pro plugin

Website management and content maintenance should not be substandard. Often technical errors, poor content uploads, and data access obstruct website development. To establish a responsive website as a revenue generation tool, the SERP ratings should be high for the site. To gain better SERP rankings on popular search engines like Google, a webmaster needs to select Paid Membership Pro for hassle-free data processing. Site members pay their fees on-site. Robust registration, live support, and software management are here to reduce the awkward data inaccessibility. It provides qualitative subscriptions management support online. It exceeds its performance limit to move to 7 million people to innovate their lifestyles. It is a new source of revenue collection.


LearnPress – WordPress LMS Plugin

Learn Press Plugin

Become a pioneer in the field of education by installing LearnPress on your website. This learning management system plug-in allows the dissemination of important information through online courses, quizzes, and tests. Additionally, you can print certificates for your students upon successful completion of their course. You can avail paid or free version of this plug-in, with the paid version having more features.

You can enjoy creating Udomy course effortlessly on LearnPress WordPress LMS plug-in platform. Since this free plug-in helps to reshape conventional sites, entrepreneurs now get a new digital ambience to improve their profit graphs.

Useful WordPress plug-ins remove technical glitch and inspire webmasters to generate higher revenues, quickly. It is suitable for them for provisional success. However, experienced professionals need competitive WordPress plug-ins for continuous improvements to flourish and sustain in the competitive marketplace.

You must research and compare to select best-fitting WordPress plug-ins to improve the quality, look and operational efficiency of your website. Unique plug-ins re-engineer your remote workstations with growing efficacy to convince customers. Be an active online member to regulate your money-spinning program with the dynamic cross-device compatible WordPress plug-ins.

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