WP Engine vs WordPress VIP: A Detailed Comparison for Enterprise Websites

WP Engine vs WordPress VIP

WP Engine vs WordPress VIP is an interesting comparison, however, first, let’s dive into the power and popularity of WordPress. When used by nearly 40% of websites across the globe, WordPress can be easily crowned as the most popular CMS. There are more than 60 million websites and blogs made on this platform. It offers support for 200 languages. Designed to be a content publishing blog platform, it has leapfrogged into higher uses like enterprise applications. As enterprise solutions stress more on scalability and fledge in terms of infrastructure and software, WordPress VIP fits into like a skeleton. One-fourth of the world’s top enterprises use WordPress as their core web development platform.

Enterprise software requires high-range hosting services to sustain the demands of the site. It needs to offer peak performance when thronged with heavy traffic daily. At these points, two of the most revered hosting services, WordPress VIP and WordPress Engine, come into the picture. Today, we will throw light on the pros and cons of both so that you can decide which one is best for your business. WP Engine vs WordPress VIP is finding which of the two hosting services serves which category of enterprise websites.

Let us discuss the comparison and contrast in detail.
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WordPress VIP – Explained in Detail

What is WordPress VIP?

Built by Automattic Inc. WordPress VIP is a solid hosting service that envelops all the parameters required to provide web hosting of a giant scaled organization. With absolute cloud hosting, performance for huge volume traffic scenarios, integration of multiple technologies, in-built classes, and focus on high coding standards, WordPress VIP helps to host a Godzilla-sized website, without any drama. It claims to offer an ROI of 415% to business houses that choose it as the hosting provider. With the base of WordPress CMS, built-in analytics, and tough-to-break security, this one is a VIP-level hosting service.

Who uses WordPress VIP?

Organizations with high traffic volumes, instant content publishing requirements, and global businesses can choose this hosting service. Most importantly, companies that have a good enough budget to spend on a secure, scalable web host can practically afford WordPress VIP. Currently, top brands and broadcasting houses like USA Today, Facebook, Santander, AirBnB, CNN, and the like are using it.

Key Features of WordPress VIP

Fully managed hosting service

Starting from setup to everyday server management, everything is handled here. The hosting plans offer essentials including site optimization tools like in-built CDN, globally located data centres, code management, performance supervision, and more. Even third-party WordPress plugins go through strict security checks. In addition, there are hourly backups of the core software, WordPress VIP, plugins, etc.

The optimized site and content

With a flexible CMS that relies on customizable logic, WordPress VIP helps you create tons of content and publish it, without worrying about performance issues. Companies can monitor the in-built analytics tool to check content staging and prepare strategies for better customer engagement. It helps to generate optimized customer experiences and interact with them through business email lists.

Security and site performance

With the support of 20 global data centres, WordPress VIP offers time-to-first-byte results to offer instant content to visitors. With tons of anti-spam features, SSL certificate, guard against DDoS threats, every-minute site monitoring, security checks of third-party plugins, and destruction of malware, WordPress VIP does everything necessary for site security.

Comprehensive support

With a huge community of WordPress developers and engineers who help to resolve bugs in the CMS, plugins, and unimaginably strict code standards, this hosting provider is best to get all-encompassing support from the tech fraternity.

In a nutshell, WordPress VIP offers a fat bunch of features for building enterprise web applications without hassles.

WP Engine – Explained in Detail

What is WP Engine?

WordPress Engine is a fully managed hosting service that offers everything from setting servers, migration, cloud platform, optimization, third-party integrations, support services, and more. It scales across 140 countries and is trusted by medium-to-large-scale websites to provide the best digital experiences to customers. Best for sites that offer huge online sales and face medium to heavy traffic daily.

Who uses WP Engine?

Websites that need solid, consistent performance, a dedicated support team, optimized web pages, and secure and fast-loading pages, can easily rely on WordPress Engine. Giant companies like National Geographic, SAP, Network Rail, etc. use this hosting provider for their web applications.

Key Features of WP Engine

Exceptional loading speed

Mega sites with huge traffic levels when hosted on WordPress Engine can load pages in less than 2 seconds. This is achieved by a rare combo of Content Delivery Network (CDN), SSD technology, and NGINX extension. NGINX balances the load on sites by placing human requests above those of robots.

High Performance

Well, the hosting service offers 99.95% of server uptime, which means a site hosted on WP Engine will face only 4.5 hours of downtime in a year. When opting for higher levels of agreement, they provide 99.99% server uptime, which results in less than 2 hours of downtime per year. That’s a fantastic offer!

Advanced security

WP Engine offers groundbreaking safety against threats, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, and more. It safeguards sites against potential threats and securities and restores the sites immediately.

Supportive staging environment

The best part is that you can create a clone of the website for testing new plugins and themes. WordPress Engine supports this with absolute efficacy. You can work on the cloned version keeping the live site as it is. This facilitates WordPress developers to modify their site without hampering the live version.

To sum up, WordPress Engine offers numerous features to web host a medium-to-large scale company without an iota of issue.

WP Engine vs WordPress VIP: What’s the Difference?

In order to effectively compare WP Engine and WordPress VIP, it’s important to understand their features, performance, and pricing. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your needs as a user. While WP Engine is great for high-traffic sites with powerful performance needs, WordPress VIP offers more customizable solutions for larger teams or organizations.

We have stated the differences between both hosting services. Let us sum up the gist and the rest in the below table for quick reference:

WordPress VIP vs WP Engine – FAQs

What’s the Difference Between WordPress and WordPress VIP?

The main difference between WordPress and WordPress VIP is the level of support provided. WordPress is an open-source platform that provides basic hosting capabilities, while WordPress VIP is a managed hosting service that provides advanced features such as custom-built plugins and themes, a dedicated hosting environment with optimized security, real-time analytics, advanced scalability and more.

What are the Advantages of WordPress VIP Over WP Engine?

WordPress VIP offers a number of benefits that are not found with WP Engine, including full scalability with their custom-built hosting infrastructure, access to their dedicated technical support team, and an exclusive selection of curated themes and plugins. Furthermore, because WordPress VIP is managed by the same team responsible for developing the core software, they have a thorough understanding of your site’s needs and can take a preventative approach to security and stability.

WordPress VIP vs WP Engine – Comparing Open Source Solutions

WordPress VIP is an open-source platform, while WP Engine is a managed hosting provider. Both cater to website owners who need a scalable and secure solution for their WordPress sites, however, they both offer different advantages. WP Engine provides performance-tuned hosting services as well as enterprise-level support, while WordPress VIP offers scalability, control over code and quick resolution times for customer needs.

Is WP Engine owned by WordPress?

No, WP Engine is not owned by WordPress. WP Engine is a hosting provider for WordPress websites, offering enterprise-level hosting services and infrastructure based on WordPress VIP.


Both WordPress VIP and WordPress Engine work as very good hosting providers. We have listed the differences that are most searched for. Use the compare and contrast approach to decide which one is the best. Companies can choose any of them depending on their requirements and budget.

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