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Thursday, May 26, 2016 / Web Design / KrishaWeb

11 Photoshop plugins every designer must install

Photoshop is the most loved tool among the creative people. But, how if you can enhance the productivity and features of the Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop supports external plugins that enhances its capabilities. Here we have listed the 11 most popular Photoshop extensions that every designer will love to have. These plugins will help you save time and automate the tedious processes. You will be able to work faster and more productively using these amazing extensions of Adobe Photoshop.

Layrs Control 2

Layrs Control 2 is the best free PhotoShop Plugin that offers an excellent solution for layer management. It is a collection of seven scripts that makes the tedious job of layering easy. Its exceptional features include Layer name editor,  Removing unused effects, Flatting all layer effects and Deleting empty layers. It also features Rasterizing smart objects, Finding similar files and folder, and converting layers into individual smart objects. It is compatible with Photoshop CC and CC2014. DOWNLOAD Layrs Control2.


Things easily get messy when you are dealing with the number of layers in a design. Composer helps you edit, manage and update multiple layers by just single click. It gives you a total control over making changes in a specific layer and changing its position and visibility without affecting any other design layer. You can edit the document using these four commands: Update layer style, Update position, Update visibility and Update all. It is compatible with Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC. DOWNLOAD Composer.

Random User Generator

Being a designer, we often stuck in the designing sample user profile to match the design. It is really a tedious job to find the random photos of users and creating believable user names. Well, you have the solution now. Random User Generator is a Free Photoshop extension that helps you generate a Random user profile with just single click. It lets you easily drag and drop random users into your PSD. It is compatible with Photoshop CS6, CC2014 and CC2015. DOWNLOAD Random User Generator.


Swatchy is a free Photoshop plugin that lets you organize your color swatches into a folder. You can easily save and access your color schemes through this tool. It works on both OS X and Windows and lets you organize the color swatches into folders. It is a handy tool that can be time saver while designing different color scheme for the same design. It is compatible with Photoshop CC and CC2015. DOWNLOAD Swatchy.

Free Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum command is available in Photoshop CS6. But for those who want variations in the dummy text, Free Lorem Ipsum Generation is the best Photoshop extension. You need to install it once and you will get customized words, sentences and paragraph options with single click. It is a simple and lightweight native Adobe extension that provides adapted options to generate words. It is compatible with multiple adobe applications like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver CS5. DOWNLOAD Free Lorem Ipsum Generator.


Guideguide is an intelligent extension that helps you easily set guides for the design. It makes easy to have pixel perfect columns, rows, midpoints and baseline of your document or the selected portion of the design. It also lets you save frequently used guides. It has the user-friendly interface and offers precise mathematical solutions. Guideguide is the most installed Photoshop plugin since 2010. It is compatible with Photoshop CS5, CS6 and CC. DOWNLOAD Guideguide.

Renderly is a Photoshop extension that works in background and lets you export design screens with just a single click. You need to use certain prefix and Renderly will export different screens, assets and design specs for you. For example, you can use prefix ico to keep icons as a vector. Prefix ‘img’ will export the images as a raster graphic. It also lets you add variations to screens and manages design assets. Renderly is compatible with Photoshop CC2014 and CC2015. DOWNLOAD

Long Shadow Generator 2

Creating a long shadow effect is very easy in Photoshop. But it is very difficult to modify it. Long Shadow Generator 2 is a simple Photoshop extension that lets you create and customize the shadow with a single click. You can easily adjust the shadow length, opacity, angle, color (black or white) and gradient of the shadow. It is compatible with Photoshop CC, CC2014 and CS6. DOWNLOAD Long Shadow Generator 2.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is one of the best icon-font plugins available in the market. It is a free plugin that adds a new panel and lets you search and insert icons in the Photoshop. You can search for the desired icon by typing keyword in the search bar and create a new layer of the icon by clicking on the icon in the search result. You can also easily edit the icon layer in the design. You can find thousands of useful icons in the Font Awesome. It is compatible with Photoshop CC. DOWNLOAD Font Awesome.

CSS Hat 2

CSS Hat 2 is a Photoshop plugin that provides the instant CSS of the Photoshop design layer. What you need to do is just select the design layer and it will immediately generate the CSS code for your design. It is simple to use, easy to read and highly accurate. It is also featured with the Syntax Highlighting and Live Preview. The latest version of the Photoshop contains some of these features. But CSS Hat 2 gets the full marks for the accuracy. It works on OS X and Windows for Photoshop CC2014 and CC2015. DOWNLOAD CSS Hat 2.


CSS3Ps is a free plugin that lets you convert the Photoshop layers into the CSS3. You can generate the CSS3 code by selecting the desired layer of the design and clicking on the CSS3Ps button. It lets you convert single or multiple layers into CSS3 by just one click. It supports multiple layers, vendor prefix, SASS and SCSS. It also supports different styles like border radius, gradient overlay, stroke, shadow and glow etc. It is compatible with CS3 and above, CC, CC2014 and CC2015. DOWNLOAD CSS3Ps.

So, these are some Photoshop Plugins that make the designer’s life easier. Are you using any of these plugins? If yes, let us know your experience in the comment box below. If you are yet to try these amazing Photoshop extensions, don’t wait. Just give it a try. What are the other extensions that you use to make design fast and elegant?

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