How SEO And UX Can Simplify Website Development Process

SEOand UX Experts for improving Web Development

Yes, I am talking about making SEO and UI/UX work together for website development. Often both are considered as the opposite of each other. SEO is no more the same as it was a few years back. It is continuously improving and evolving. It is the process of getting a higher-ranking position for the key search terms in the business. The role of the UX designer to make the website structure and user experience that every visitors love. There are several factors like Navigation, Structure, Button size and colour, Mobile experience, loading speed, etc. that defines the UI/UX of the website. Here we have discussed how SEO and UX experts can work together to improve the web development process.

Take advantage of the tension

SEO and UX Experts often find themselves on the opposite side of each other. There is a basic difference between the main functions of both. The main objective of SEO is to achieve higher ranking for certain key terms. That means SEO works for the search engine. The main objective of the UX Expert is to provide the utmost user experience to the users. This means UX Expert work for Users. As a smart marketer, you must take advantage of this tension.

It is very difficult to please both the users and the search engine at the same time. The success of SEO and online marketing highly depend on website usability and user experience. Google has started considering user experience as a key ranking factor. Better the users will feel on your website, higher the chances to rank well in the search engines. So, you can simplify the development process by creating an atmosphere of collaboration between SEO and UX Expert.

Establish common goals

It is very important to understand the core objective of the website for both SEO and UX Expert. Clearly define and understand the website’s main objective before starting the development process. Starting from design to content creation, functional development, and online marketing; both (SEO and UX Expert) can work together to accomplish the core objective of the website. Keeping SEO and UX Expert together in the whole development process helps you clearly understand the buyer’s persona and expectations. That eventually help you in the decision-making process.

If you are unable to decide which content or design element to choose, ask the following questions to you and discuss the ins and outs with your SEO and UX expert. You will make the right choice.

  • Why is this change important? Which objective will it fulfil?
  •  Do I have any better alternative to fulfil that objective?
  • Will users like it?
  • How does this change will affect the users buying decisions?
  • Will this change improve the conversion?
Lay a platform to develop effective content

Having the content that perfectly compliments the website design is the biggest challenge for any SEO or designer. It is very difficult to develop the content if you don’t have a clear idea about the website structure. The same is for the web designer as well. If he won’t know how much content he has to accommodate on a page, he won’t be able to craft an appealing design.

Involving SEO and UX designers in the design process will let them justify their requirements to accomplish common goals. Having good design is important only from the human user experience perspective but it is also important for SEO. Google has also started considering various design elements into the ranking algorithm. Google bots can recognize whether the website is mobile-friendly or not and the font you have used. All these UX elements along with page-loading speed, readability, bounce rate, etc. can help you get better search ranking.

Research, Update, Observe and Repeat

Website development projects never actually end with the final launch. The web is an ever-evolving industry. Online trends may change sometimes or sometimes users want something new. You have to change either design or content in any of these cases.

SEOs generally keep track of the latest trends of the web industry. Having SEO involved in the development process will help keep the website up-to-date. SEO will help you identify what users want from you and UX designer can provide you with the optimum solution for the user’s needs. What you have to do is research the user needs, update the website according to that, observe and analyze the results and repeat the process.

People often miss the trick by not involving the SEO and UX experts in the website development process. It helps you develop the website which is both user-friendly and search engine friendly. It also reduces the post-launch errors and drives smoother user experience. When SEO and UX share their knowledge and goals, your website will perform well.

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