6 common PSD to HTML conversion mistakes to avoid

psd to html conversion

PSD to XHTML conversion is a highly technical process. You require lots of skills and experience to master it. Proper PSD to HTML conversion leads to a well-developed website. Sometimes developers do silly mistakes. That results in unfavourable outcomes for the website. Well, there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. You learn only when you make a mistake. But the important is to learn from your mistakes. And if you can learn from what others have done wrong, nothing could be better than that. Here we have discussed six HTML/XHTML conversion errors that every developer does. Let’s have a look at six common PSD to HTML conversion mistakes to avoid.

Wrongly closing the tags

If you are a pro developer, you will know what exactly I mean to convey here. It is one of the most common mistakes by beginners. Be it a normal P Tag, any DIV or an Image Alt Tag, a wrongly closed tag can cause a serious problem in website structure and usability. It is important you close each tag properly.

Using special characters

The search engine can’t read special characters. So, it is important for developers to avoid using special characters in HTML code. While search engines can’t read special characters properly, it may cause problems loading the website. It is another most accrued mistake by inexperienced developers.

Inline CSS and Incorrect DOCTYPE

It is advisable not to flood HTML code with CSS. It is essential to have a separate file for the CSS and fetch the commands in HTML. DOCTYPE declaration tells the browser about the type of HTML used on the site. So, it is important to specify the correct DOCTYPE. It helps the browser to display the site properly.

Missing Image Alt tags

Image Alt Tags play an important role in both development and Search Engine Optimization. Lots of folks make the mistake of not giving proper alt tags to the images. You must place an Alt Attribute for the Image that properly describes the context of the image. This helps to improve the website crawl rate. The proper way of using Image Alt Attribute is, < img src = “profilepic.jpeg ” alt = “Profile pic of the user ” />.

Relying on conversion software

There is no shortcut to success. This applies to Website development as well. Many developers use the PSD to HTML conversion software. That is not a good tactic. PSD to HTML conversion is a programming skill that requires the human brain and hands. You can never get the desired outcomes from HTML conversion software. So, it is good to stay away from such conversion software that will eventually put you in lots of patching work.

Not testing in actual devices

Testing is as important as development. Sometimes developers run the test in online simulators. It is good, but it doesn’t give a pixel-perfect result every time, especially in responsive conversion. It must check the website on the actual device before delivering the project. Furthermore, it gives you the exact idea about the user experience and usability of the website you have developed.

So, these are a few PSD to HTML conversion mistakes that even an experienced developer repeats frequently. Try to avoid these mistakes and some other basic stuff like not using proper syntax tags, using too many floating elements, having the wrong sequence of CSS, Not properly saving web pages, using incorrectly resized images, Not adding viewport Meta tags etc. I hope avoiding these mistakes will improve the quality of your code.

What are the other common HTML conversion mistakes you have noticed? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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