Google revealed the report of the spam fighting efforts in 2015

According to Google, they have noticed a considerable increase in the websites having thin, low-quality content. These are the websites that have nothing for the users and adds no value to their expectations. Google already have a certain algorithm like Google Panda that identifies and penalize such low-quality website. It is really surprising that Google still finds increasing number of such scraper websites. Google has recorded 180% increase in the number of websites being hacked compared to previous year. The threat will continue in 2016 as well. The company has discussed some preventive measures to protect the website on the web in this blog post.

Google addresses most of the webspam through algorithms. The tackle rest of the spam manually. According to the company, they have sent over 4.3 million manual action notification messages to webmasters in 2015. They have also noticed 33% increase in the number of websites getting into spam clean-up and successful reconsideration. Google has also received more than 400,000 manual spam reports in 2015. The company has addressed 65% of all user submitted the manual spam report. As per the results, 80% of those were considered as the actual spam. It is really good news that webmasters are getting into the reconsideration process and helping Google to find scrappy content by submitting the manual spam report.

Google continuously tries to keep webmasters updated and educating them the latest happenings in the web world. They conducted more than 200 online office hours and live events around the world in 17 different languages to help webmasters with their website problems. The company has also urged webmasters to have verified Google Search Console account for each website. It helps them to contact Google in the case of any technical or spam issue in the website. Google Webmaster Help Forum is another excellent source to get the Webmaster support. There are tens of thousands of issues and queries answered by the vast community of over 35,000 top contributors.

Kiyotaka Tanaka and Mary Chen from Google User Education and Search Outreach team has ended the report on Webmaster Central Blog on the note of assuring the webmasters about the improved web quality in coming years. They wrote, “We’re continuously improving our spam-fighting technology and working closely with webmasters and users to foster and support a high-quality web ecosystem. (In fact, fighting webspam is one of the many ways we maintain search quality at Google.)”  They also have a special message for the friendly webmasters community. They added, “Thanks for helping to keep spammers away so users can continue accessing great content in Google Search.”

Number of websites getting hacked is going to be the toughest challenge for the webmasters in 2016 in my opinion. What are your thoughts about the same? Share your outlook in the comment box bellow.

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